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Miracles and events coincide. The 2000s saw the publisher create its event cycle, where each event was built across the line. It made readers angry for what was coming next, driving sales and compelling fans. Even before that, Marvel still did great events and crossovers, which went down in history as fan favorite stories. They helped redefine Marvel for many.

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Not every event can be a winner, though. Sometimes, they overstay their welcome, killing fans as they go. Some of them have been incredibly important to Marvel history, but that doesn’t change the fact that most fans realize they aren’t exactly great reads.

10/10 The Inhumans Push Ends In An Event That No One Wants: Inhumans Vs. X-Men

Black Bolt leads the Inhumans while Magneto leads the mutants in a Marvel Comics battle

The Inhumans are important to Marvel’s history, so the publisher probably thought they could successfully push them as a mutant replacement in the mid-10s. Inhumans were suddenly everywhere, and many books – Weird Inhumans, Inhumans, All-New Inhumans, and more – was released. However, sales were never great, and X-Men fans rebelled loudly.

The whole thing culminated in a big match event – Inhumans vs. X-Men by writers Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire and artist Leinil Yu — that nobody really liked. Time hasn’t been kind to the whole push, with Inhumans being shelved due to its failure.

9/10 Civil War II was barely received

Iron Man and Captain Marvel face off in Civil War II from Marvel Comics.

Hard to say Civil War II was embraced by fans, but regardless it definitely exceeded what it got. Written by Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez, the book revolves around the Inhuman Ulysses, who can see the future with one hundred percent certainty. Captain Marvel wants to use his powers to stop the villains before they attack, and Iron Man is against that.

Civil War II is important The minority report in the Marvel Universe, and fans were turned off almost from the beginning. The story never had the impact of its predecessor and never really came together. More than laying seeds for The Immortal Hulk, there is nothing about the book that anyone likes.

8/10 The Return of Wolverine Had Multiple Miniseries That Ended With Mediocre Pay-Offs

Marvel Comics' Wolverine emerges from an adamantium cocoon

Marvel kept Logan dead from 2014 to 2018, which was longer than most people expected. However, starting from Marvel: Legacy #1published began the run-up to Wolverine’s return. So it began Hunt For Wolverine. Starting with a titular one-shot, it led to four miniseries – Gone Weapon, The Adamantium Agenda, Death’s Claws, Mystery In Madripoor — and another one-shot, There is no way.

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Very few of these are really relevant Wolverine’s return. These are mostly just books that have taken advantage of Logan fans who want actual clues as to what’s going on with their favorite. Then came Return of Wolverine, by writer Charles Soule and artists Steve McNiven and Declan Shalvey, a book with great art but mediocre writing.

7/10 Secret Empire Really Dragged Into The Middle

Marvel Comics' Secret Empire

2010s Marvel has some low points, like Secret Empire. Written by Nick Spencer with art by Steve McNiven, Leinil Yu, and Andrea Sorrentino, the book pays off the Hydra Cap storyline. From the beginning, the fans didn’t want it. However, Marvel decided to add more issues to the main series for several reasons.

Adding these issues is not really done Secret Empire better than all. The middle of the book suffers from dragging out, as Hydra and the heroes search for the shards of the Cosmic Cube. Plus that was an odd choice, because it made the book more boring for readers who were already tired of it.

6/10 House Of M Is A Slog

The Scarlet Witch says there are no more mutants, launching the House of M in Marvel Comics

The Marvel Universe has seen terrible disasters, with M’s house ending the power of the mutant race for years to come. Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Olivier Coipel, this one occasion was created HoM very important in Marvel history. However, this is basically the only worthwhile moment in the entire series. The rest is a long, boring slog.

Bendis’s world-building in the House of M reality is terrible, so most of the issues there are bad. It’s made worse that everyone basically says the same thing when they regain their memory, a variation of the phrase, “I’m going to kill Magneto,” which they blame for the whole thing. It’s eight issues that should have been five, and even that’s being generous.

5/10 Age Of Ultron Jumped Too Much

Gold Ultron stands above Iron Man and Captain America in Marvel Comics

Marvel is known for cool alternate dimensions, but most stories only introduce one. age of ultron, by writer Brian Michael Bendis and actors Bryan Hitch, Brandon Peterson, and Carlos Pacheco, has two. It begins in a dystopian future ruled by Ultron. Then, after Wolverine and Invisible Woman kill Hank Pym, it shows readers a different Marvel Universe.

Age of Ultron is not a bad story, but it is quite complicated and too long. This is a ten issue event book. While it’s not as boring as many of Bendis’ other event books, it does become a chore as it goes on. Many readers don’t give it the chance it deserves because of its length.

4/10 X-Cutioner’s Song is ’90s X-Men at its worst

X-Men Stryfe X-Cutioner's Song

The ’90s were an interesting time for Marvel, with the X-Men being especially fertile. The books are very popular, but there are still many problems. The X-Cutioner’s Song is endemic of the worst parts. Crossed 19 parts of the storyline X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, and X Factorthat the X-Men pursue Cable and X-Force after Professor X is shot by someone who looks like a renegade mutant.

19 parts is a lot for one story, but The X-Cutioner’s Song went overboard with the whole thing, eventually even bringing Apocalypse into the mix. It often feels like the creators are putting the whole thing together to tell a long story instead of it being a story that needs to be long.

3/10 The Clone Saga Seems Like It Will Last Forever

Peter Parker fights his clone

The Clone Saga is popular among Marvel fans. The return of the Spider-Man clone wasn’t a bad idea and was actually pretty cool to begin with. However, sales were good, so Marvel decided that the Clone Saga should continue. And will go. And will go. It got to the point where the writers who originally came up with the idea were long gone by the end.

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The Clone Saga spanned two years and spanned all four Spider-Man titles and numerous miniseries. It is easily over a hundred parts. Fans began to tire of the story after the first year, leaving another year of stories to tell.

2/10 X Of Swords is very fast paced

Several X-Men descend from the sky brandishing swords from Marvel Comics

The history of the X-Men is full of long stories, so this isn’t too unusual X Of Swords is twenty-two parts long. The first event of the Krakoa Era, it crosses over every book in the line, pitting the mutants of Krakoa against the forces of Arakko and Amment. A twenty-two-part storyline is doable, but XoS is terrifyingly fast.

The first half of X Of Swords is slow and boring, with few outliers. The second half was better, but it still didn’t set the world on fire, with many fans resenting the bait and switch to contests between champions Krakoa and Arakko. The story comes off as a bit disappointing overall.

1/10 The Infinity Trilogy Lost In The Last Part

Marvel Comics' Infinity Trilogy, featuring a split image of the Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, and Infinity Crusade

Infinity Gauntlet is a game-changer for Marvel. Written by Jim Starlin with art by George Pérez and Ron Lim, it chronicles the universe’s battle against the Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Thanos. Its success meant it got a sequel, Infinity War by Starlin and Lim, who reintroduced the dark side of Adam Warlock, the Magus. Although this one wasn’t as successful as its predecessor, it also had to have a sequel.

infinity crusade, Starlin and Lim again, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The book revolves around the Goddess, the good side of Adam Warlock, as she taunts the heroes of Earth and pits them against each other. Disliked by fans, the trilogy ended on a low note.

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