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2022 is full of nostalgia for Marvel Comics fans, particularly where the X-Men are concerned. Many characters saw a return to costumes from the 90s to accompany the new titles featuring the 1990s-era X-Men. The yellow and navy bodysuits are back, along with Rogue’s iconic yellow and green spandex with bomber jacket. Magneto dons his traditional red and purple for his transition to Arakko, and Wolverine returns to his classic yellow and brown era.

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Heroes from all over the Marvel Comics universe dressed up in their best for the annual Hellfire Gala, and even for ordinary outings, like She-Hulk meeting Hellcat for cake with fancy clothes. Whether Marvel introduces new faces or just new looks, it’s been an exciting year in hero fashion.

10/10 Emma Frost Is Always A Fashion Inspiration

Emma Frost in Immortal X-Men

Emma Frost isn’t always the best written character, but she is one of the best dressed. As one of the most powerful Mutants, leaders, and businesswomen in the world, Frost takes pride in her appearance. His Mutant powers mean he doesn’t have to look disheveled in front of other people.

Over the years, the creators have given Emma Frost some truly amazing outfits, although they also tend to be incredibly revealing or even physics-defying. In his new role as a leader of the Mutant nation, however, Frost adopted a more modest appearance, with bare shoulders, but the rest of his body covered, including an enclosing cape. His new look is stylish yet fit for a world leader.

9/10 Ben Reilly is good as a Hero or Villain

Ben Reilly in costume as Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man and Chasm split image

Ben Reilly is a clone of Peter Parker who takes over as Spider-Man after Peter suffers catastrophic injuries. His journey has been complicated throughout the years, starting out as a company-sponsored but still ethical hero, but slowly turning into an outright villain after the Beyond Corporation messes with his head.

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Ben dons two of the most interesting Spider costumes of the year–his Spider-Man costume with the asymmetric spider logo is an interesting modern twist on the classic Spidey look. Now that he’s become the villain Chasm, his new look is also impressive, with a purple base and aqua highlights that turn into moving streams around him.

8/10 Sersi Is The Most Fashionable Eternal

Thanks to the Eternals

Sersi is perhaps the best known of the Eternals, a group of immortal beings created by the godlike Celestials to protect Earth. During this year AX: Judgment Day event, he broke ranks from some of his fellow Eternals to help Earth’s heroes defend the planet from his comrade Druig and the Progenitor.

Sersi is always impeccably dressed, whether in uniform or not. His standard professional attire is a thin purple tunic with split sides for ease of movement. Sheer fabric is contrasted with thigh-high boots and geometric patterns in glossy black for a dramatic and flattering look.

7/10 Storms Need a New Look for a New Planet

Storm in X-Men Red

Ororo Munroe, or Storm, has gone through many changes this year. He began the year in the Silent Council of Krakoa, then also joined the ruling council on Arakko (formerly the planet Mars), where he often focused his attention. He and former enemy Magneto formed the Brotherhood of Arakko to protect the people of that planet.

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Arakko is a wild place that operates under different, more brutal rules than most of Earth. Storm’s new look reflects that wild side, with elements reminiscent of costumes seen in the post-apocalyptic Max is angry movies. His outfit also references the comic book villain costumes of the 90s, when Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants were fighting the X-Men. A new, wild planet called for an aggressive new look.

6/10 Frederick Dukes Is No Longer The Blob

Frederick Dukes in the Legion of X

Traditionally, Frederick Dukes (unfortunately nicknamed the Blob), is not placed in flattering outfits. Dukes’s Mutant power is very fat, and over the years, he’s bullied mercilessly because of his weight. This bullying undoubtedly contributed to the lack of self-esteem that made Dukes such a villain.

Since moving to Krakoa, however, Dukes has undergone a remarkable personal transformation. He now works as a bartender for the main drinking hole in Krakoa, where he is generally liked and respected by his peers. She’s traded in skin-tight leotards for a more comfortable and flattering Hawaiian shirt, and she’s never been happier or more stylish.

5/10 Spider-Gwen Has the Best Spider-Verse Costume

spider-gwen costume

Since he was introduced as a character in Spider-Verse in 2014, Spider-Gwen became one of the best-dressed heroes in Marvel Comics. Her outfit hasn’t changed much since her first appearance, but why mess with perfection? Spider-Gwen sets the standard for her arachnid-inspired companions.

Spider-Gwen’s costume, like most Spider-Verse heroes, is a play on Spider-Man’s original costume. In Gwen’s version, a hood adds a youthful feel to the costume. The pink and turquoise color scheme echoes Spidey’s red and blue, but is more playful. Her ballet slippers are the perfect finish, allowing her secure footing while saving the world.

4/10 Shang-Chi is now in contact with His Legacy

Marvel Reveals the Origin of Shang-Chi's Twelve (Not Ten) Rings

Over the course of 2022, Shang-Chi learns more about his family history and origins. His current fashion choices reflect that focus, taking inspiration from traditional Chinese fashion and clothing worn for Chinese martial arts training. The result is practical and fashionable.

The gold trim on his costume echoes the gold on Shang-Chi’s ten rings, which he wears on his arms and is his weapon of choice. Loose trousers make movement and combat easy, as does a sleeveless belted tunic with a traditional Mandarin collar. Dragon scales on the gold trim of his tunic complete this fit and stylish look.

3/10 Clea Strange Is More Powerful And Fashionable Than Dr. Strange

Clea using her magic from the Marvel comics

After the death of Stephen Strange, his wife Faltine Clea took over as the Sorcerer Supreme in the comic series. Strange. Clea is a very powerful magic user from the dark dimension, and upon her death, Dr. Strange gave him his cloak and the Eye of Agamotto to give him a chance to protect his world.

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Because of his relationship with Dr. Strange and the gifts he left her, Clea Strange’s costume has many similarities to Dr. Strange’s traditional costume. Strange. Her magical abilities allow her to easily change her clothing, however, and she often switches to alternative but equally fashionable choices on a whim.

2/10 Wiccan Wears the Universe in His Costume

Wiccan new costume Marvel Comics

Wiccan is a powerful magic user and the reincarnated son of the Scarlet Witch. The origin of his powers is a bit of a mystery, but the powers themselves are undeniably epic. Her fashion sense is almost as strong, whether she’s saving the universe in her hero costume, or going on a date with her husband Hulkling.

The basic Wiccan costume consists of a tight bodysuit and cape. The red cape has mystical looking lines written on it, but the real stand-out is her bodysuit. The main color of his suit is black, but the top and side panels of the suit show sparkling, changing images of stars and galaxies.

1/10 Hellfire Gala showcases Hero Fashion at its Best

X-Men Hellfire Gala Outfits featuring Synch, Scarlet Witch, and Doctor Doom

One of the biggest social events of the year within the Marvel Comics universe is the Hellfire Gala, hosted by the ever-dressed White Queen, Emma Frost. Heroes from Earth and beyond show up at this formal event wearing glamorous evening gowns clearly designed to outshine their peers.

Aside from She-Hulk’s questionable parachute pants, the looks at the Hellfire Gala were amazing. Some refer to their powers, such as Emma Frost’s diamond-shaped cut-outs, while others refer to their standard costumes, such as Captain America’s red white and blue pinstripe suit. The looks at the event were many, varied, and absolutely glorious.

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