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It takes a lot to be a great hero. They need courage, strength, unshakable moral principles, and determination that few mortals possess. Sometimes it can take more than that, and the lightning rod needed to truly make a great hero is a surprising one: compassion.

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Many of Marvel’s greatest champions, such as Captain America, Ben Grimm, or Storm, take this idea to heart and represent the best that humanity has to offer, whether they have the proportional strength of a spider, a super-soldier serum, or the power. of a god. You may not be the most powerful hero in the Marvel universe, but their compassion more than makes up for it.

10/10 The X-Men’s Beast Fights Evil On The Battlefield And In Politics

Hank McCoy Beast All New X-Men

Hank McCoy is one of the founding five members of the X-Men, and has remained a staunch ally and friend over the decades. Despite his animalistic appearance that earned him the nickname Beast, Hank has genius-level intelligence and also fights anti-mutant groups as a political activist.

Hank has been through a lot over the years, thanks in no small part to his changing looks. But his gentle nature and quick wit endeared him to his fellow X-Men and many other Marvel heroes. In other words, the Beast is one of the good guys.

9/10 Ben Grimm is Ever-Lovin’ Through And Through

Alicia Masters Ben Grimm The Thing

Ben Grimm, the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing, has been a staple of the Fantastic Four for decades, and Hank McCoy is definitely recognizable when it comes to looks. While Ben could never be accused of being a genius, his stony exterior hides a true heart of gold.

Ben has often held Marvel’s first family together in times of crisis, as well as being Godfather to the children of Reed Richards and Susan Storm-Richards. Her compassion comes at a personal cost, however, as she ultimately leaves her husband at the altar out of fear for her safety as a superhero’s wife.

8/10 The King of Wakanda Doesn’t Let Power Go to His Head

Black Panther stands in front of the Wakandan skyline, flags burning, in Marvel Comics

King T’Challa, the leader of the advanced nation of Wakanda, has a lot on his plate. Not only is he responsible for taking care of his kingdom and his people, but he also has to fight for their survival and the Earth itself as the Black Panther.

T’Challa never lets his massive duty get the better of him, however, and he knows that his actions are to better serve the people of his country. He does not see himself as better than anyone else, and will do what he must to protect his fellow man, whether they are friends, family, or perhaps enemies.

7/10 Storm Is Very Humble For A Borderline Goddess

storm with black and gold armor

T’Challa wasn’t always alone in his royal duties, however, and for a time he was fortunate enough to be married to Ororo Munroe, better known to most as X-Man Storm. She has the incredible ability to control the weather, leading many to believe that she is actually a goddess as opposed to a mutant.

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Despite her immense power and its impact on the world, and the fact that she can literally fly, Ororo is as down to Earth as anyone. He is kind, loving, humble and when needed, can be someone’s worst nightmare if that’s what it takes to save the day.

6/10 For Someone Grumpy, Wolverine Is Surprisingly Sincere

Wolverine had Cyclops and Jean Gray on his arm while holding a six pack of beer

For over a hundred years, the mysterious mutant Wolverine has been hiding a huge secret. He is really a big softie at heart. Otherwise known as Logan, the pint-sized Canadian occasionally lets his guard down and lets others in, forming true friendships and romances over the decades.

Not only that, but Logan can’t seem to help himself but mentor other younger mutants who need his help, whether he likes it or not. He’s definitely not someone you want to cross, as many have tried and never lived to see another day, but get on his good side and Logan may be just the friend you need.

5/10 Steve Rogers Is More Than A Man With A Shield

Captain America is ready to attack Marvel Comics

Steve Rogers is one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe and that’s even without his super-soldier serum. As Captain America, he fought in World War II and seemingly gave his life to win the day, only to wake up decades later to fight alongside the Avengers.

Despite his great strength, his unbreakable shield, and the countless battles he fought, Steve remained the good guy he always was. He is someone that even other heroes look to for inspiration, and will follow into battle without hesitation. A big part of his unwavering determination is his compassion for everyone around him.

4/10 Jean Grey’s Omega-Level Status Is Not Her Best Quality

Jean Gray as Marvel Girl in Marvel Comics

Few Marvel heroes have been through as much as Jean Grey. Another founding member of the X-Men, Jean has not only faced and returned from death multiple times, but has also been host to one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe: the Phoenix Force.

Despite everything she endured, Jean remains one of Earth’s greatest heroes thanks to her unwavering spirit. This allowed him to fight and even use the power of the Phoenix for good, though not without consequences. Like Steve Rogers, many other heroes look to Jean as a beacon for hope.

3/10 The Silver Surfer Fights His Master For Greater Goodness

The Surfer flies through space in the Silver Surfer

While Jean may be a beacon of hope to look up to, the lost soul known as Norrin Radd represents something much darker when viewed from below. An alien from the planet Zenn-La, Norrin accepts the mantle of the Silver Surfer to save his home from the nightmarish hunger of Galactus.

Norrin will travel from planet to planet, signaling its imminent destruction at the hands of the predator. As the Surfer does his best to find lifeless worlds, everything changes when he encounters Earth and humanity. The Silver Surfer turns his back on his creator thanks to his inherited compassion and helps fellow heroes fend off the monster.

2/10 Susan Storm-Richards Is Loved, Respected, And Feared In Equal Measures


Hero, adventurer, wife, and most of all, a mother. Susan Storm-Richards is the last person whose children you should kidnap and try to steal power. As a member of the Fantastic Four, Sue has fought every type of threat you can imagine, but none of her successes hold a candle to her skills as a loving parent.

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Her time as a mother is hard to tell, thanks to her children who are very powerful in their own right and have been the targets of many villains across the universe. Too bad for those villains he happens to have more skills than simply making himself invisible.

1/10 Peter Parker’s Spirit is Unbreakable

Peter Parker recounts his memories from The Superior Spider-Man #30.

Few other heroes have gone through the ringer as much as Peter Parker, and perhaps none of them have come out swinging (literally and figuratively) like him. Despite all the tragedy, the heartache and the infamous “Parker luck,” nothing can stop Spider-Man from triumphing over evil.

His unwavering compassion guides Peter through every battle and has endeared him not only to countless other heroes and friends, but also to millions of readers around the world. Peter Parker represents the best of us, and he does this by being the best he can be for those around him. After all, with great power comes great responsibility.

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