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Marvel’s heroes run all horribly clean inspired down-and-dirty brawlers. The only thing they have in common is who they are fighting. While some heroes rise to greatness, others go in a different direction. Heroes like Punisher and Beast are ruthless in their pursuit of justice. Other heroes have rules they follow, but these cruel heroes don’t. They have one rule: stop evil.

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These heroes have gone further in their war against the villain than others. Not all of them were killers, but they all displayed a ruthless streak that would make even villains blush.

10/10 Iron Man has a Pragmatic Streak

Marvel Comics' Invincible Iron Man flies and dodges missiles

Iron Man isn’t always the best hero, but he always does what he thinks is right. Iron Man is an engineer. He uses everything he has to solve problems, knowing that sometimes it will hurt people close to him. Iron Man tries not to kill, but he is no less cruel. The best example of this is his solution to Incursions.

Iron Man and the Illuminati have created anti-matter warheads that they will launch at trespassing Earths. Some of them are inhabited. Some don’t. This just proves how far he is willing to go and what he is willing to put into his consciousness to save the Earth.

9/10 Deadpool Kills Everyone In His Way

Marvel Comics' Deadpool

Deadpool is known for two things: his constant pranks and the thousands of people he’s killed in all kinds of entertaining ways. Deadpool has been a mercenary for a long time. He was paid to kill all kinds of people, from monsters who deserved it to people who really didn’t. It takes a certain amount of brutality to be a contract killer and Deadpool certainly has that.

Deadpool has been locked in his killing spree over the years, and he’s absolutely ruthless in battle. He is known to save people who are not complete monsters, but except for Deadpool kills everyone in his way.

8/10 Magneto Will Do Anything To Save Mutantkind

Marvel Comics' Magneto destroys the Avengers in The Trial of Magneto #2

Magneto has long been the X-Men’s greatest adversary. He has been with the team twice, with his second stint being the longest. He joined the team because of the plight of the mutants. There weren’t even two hundred mutants in the world and Magneto wouldn’t risk the safety of his people. Since then, he defends his people in his inimitable Magneto way.

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Magneto is known for being extreme in his protection of the mutant race. He’s also incredibly powerful, so when Magneto says he’ll do anything to protect mutants, that’s the truth. Magneto will stop at nothing to keep his people alive and free.

7/10 Venom earned the moniker of the Lethal Protector

Marvel Comics' Venom ties up some criminals in Venom: Lethal Protector (2022) #2

Venom has had some fun adventures, both as a hero and a villain. Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote hate Spider-Man, but eventually decide that the best revenge is to become a hero. Since then, Eddie has been both a hero and a villain, with the common thread between those extremes being his own brutality.

The symbiote is known for eating enemies whole at times, something Eddie has no problem with. Eddie was always okay with being a deadly defender. He knows that sometimes evil has to be cut at the root and the best way to do that is to be as ruthless as possible.

6/10 The Hulk Can Be Destructive And Very Merciless

The Hulk sits on a throne in Marvel Comics

The Hulk defeats Marvel’s most powerful man. His potential strength is endless and his healing factor and invulnerability make Hulk almost impossible to hurt. The Hulk is known for his rage and the many transformations he goes through. However, there is one thing that connects them all, and that is brutality. Every single variant of the Hulk has been ruthless, with some worse than others.

Joe Fixit, the brutal Hulk, Green Scar, Worldbreaker, Devil Hulk, and the immortal Hulk are all extremely ruthless, destroying everything in their path. The least ruthless is the childish regular Hulk, but even he is known for losing any civility when he’s angry. Professor Hulk is in between, as Bruce Banner has more control in that form.

5/10 Ghost Rider Is About Revenge

Marvel Comics' Ghost Rider in mid-transformation

Ghost Rider is the Spirit of Vengeance. The former member of the Legion of Monsters mercilessly punishes the wicked, whether the Spirit rides Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch. Ghost Rider does one thing and that’s it. He pursues the wicked and makes them pay penance. No quarter was given and none was taken.

Ghost Rider’s brutality is well known. He can’t be stopped when he’s after someone. The Spirit of Vengeance keeps him powerful and tireless. No enemy could escape him, no matter how hard they tried.

4/10 Wolverine Doesn’t Stop Until Someone’s On The Ground

Marvel Comics' Wolverine raises his claws as Beast looks on

There are few X-Men more reliable than Wolverine. He is there for his teammates and the people he cares about. He will sink any enemy before him, anyone who stands between him and his goals. Wolverine is a killer and that’s all there is to it. He is a man who is both deeply caring and yet completely and utterly ruthless. Everyone who fought him experienced it, and even his friends caught a glimpse.

Wolverine is the one the X-Men rely on to take down their enemies. They don’t ask how he does it, they just live by the results. His own cruelty is a problem for him, because he knows what kind of person he can be and what he has done.

3/10 Professor X Did Everything To Ensure The Mutant’s Survival

Marvel Comics' Xavier connects the minds of the X-Men to the Powers of X

Professor X and Magneto are viewed as two sides of the same coin. Xavier is the heroic side, his dream of human/mutant co-existence is a commendable thing. Xavier is okay with fighting, but in the end peace is on his mind. However, Xavier is no starry-eyed idealist; he knows how difficult the thing he wants is and he knows how far he can go.

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Xavier may not personally kill anyone, but he usually doesn’t need to. His mental powers allow him to change the minds of the people around him. Xavier went to great lengths to ensure the mutants continued, even lying to his students. There is nothing he will not do or sacrifice to ensure that his people prosper.

2/10 The Monster’s Incumbency As Leader Of X-Force Shows Just How Cruel He Is

The X-Men's Beast in Marvel Comics

Some Marvel heroes are not honorable. They get the job done, but the way they do it is best not looked at. That’s what Beast does as head for X-Force. The team is Krakoa’s CIA, working from the shadows to keep the mutant nation safe.

Since taking over the group, he’s nearly overthrown a country, opened a black prison site in space, and done terrible things to Wolverine, making him even deadlier than before. The beast is about the ends justifying the means. He does incredible things in the name of mutant survival. No one questions because he gets results.

1/10 The Punisher Is A Mass Murderer

Marvel Comics' the Punisher and his personal bodyguard of Hand clan ninjas

Some Marvel heroes are killers and then there’s the Punisher. He may not have the highest kill count of any hero, but he is the most criminal of them all. The Punisher has no problem planting a bomb in a gang headquarters. He would open fire with a machine gun and saw the criminals in half, even though they hadn’t killed anyone.

The Punisher kills criminals. That was the only relationship he had with them. He’s almost certainly shown some mercy over the years, since he’s not a complete monster, but his cruelty is extreme. He sees himself as the cure and the disease as the crime. His mission is to eradicate crime in all its forms.

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