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Marvel Comics is known for its romantic storylines, engaging in epic battles that showcase the strength of its most popular heroes over the makeups and breakups that fans have come to expect from any of the pairings the writers have created.

In recent Marvel issues, Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Watson have parted ways once again, leaving readers to wonder if the on-again-off-again relationship will end for good, although it is likely that the pair will never get back together. While many Marvel romances have come and gone, some have stood the test of time.


Ant-Man and The Wasp

The Black Knight battles Ant-Man and The Wasp in Marvel Comics.

Ant-Man has had several unique comic book arcs over the decades, but one of the most extended arcs is his romance with The Wasp. The couple first met in the 1960s and began a partnership that would eventually blossom into a loving relationship and marriage.

The collaboration and mutual respect that each version of the couple has keeps fans invested in the story, as many superheroes and their love interests don’t always work together and play more as the damsel in distress and the dynamic nature of the hero. The relationship became more popular and vibrant with the inclusion of the two characters in the MCU.

Rogue and Gambit

The X-Men's Rogue and Gambit are getting ready to kiss

Even though they’ve been together for over 30 years, Rogue and Gambit are still one of Marvel’s most popular couples, mainly because they’re not perfect. In their first solo series, Rogue & Gambit showed the couple in need of therapy as they struggle to stay together, but once they fight a villain together, they realize how much they love each other again.

Their similar backgrounds make the pair believable as they understand each other’s slang and how they grew up to become X-Men, which is why fans want to see them develop a long-term relationship when more than they already have. The comic relationship would become a big part of the animated X-Men series, increasing the couple’s popularity.

Jean Gray and Cyclops

Jean Gray and Cyclops shoot lasers from their heads in an X-Men comic

Comic book fans know that Cyclops and Jean Grey’s relationship endures no matter what the couple goes through, including death. As one of Marvel’s longest-running relationships, dating back to 1963, fans have grown to love the couple because the pair are each other’s first love and always find a way back to each other no matter what happens of them, leaving fans wanting to see what. will try the couple next time.

While other Marvel couples have versions of their story that tear them apart, Jean Gray and Cyclops are only separated by death, but even then, they stay together in some way. Depending on the version of Earth, the X-Men function in the relationship may not be as strong, but the two are always involved.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

Peter Parker and Mary Jane are married.

For over 40 years, Spider-Man fans have watched the web-slinger develop his relationship with Mary Jane from the mid-60s to the late 2000s. This relationship includes breakups and makeup that keep fans rooting for the couple and wanting to see if anyone can separate the pair in the various storylines they appear in.

Despite being one of the most challenging couples to keep up with as there are so many versions of the Peter Parker and Mary Jane storyline, the couple still has fans following their journey. Some of this is attributed to multiple versions of the relationship, including those where MJ dumps Peter or Peter can’t leave Spider-Man, because it keeps the story fresh and exciting no matter where the fans are. take it from the comics.

Kitty Pryde and Colossus

Kitty Pryde and Colossus side by side

Kitty Pryde and Colossus didn’t have their perfect relationship, as comic book fans know. This couple has had a complicated past, from cheating to betraying their trust in each other. The couple is not together in their current storyline, but this could change considering how often Marvel Comics breaks up and reconnects with their longtime couples.

The couple became famous for starting a teenage whirlwind romance that turned into a partnership-type affair when Kitty Pryde joined the X-Men. As fans watched the couple mature, they saw their relationship evolve. While their backstory hasn’t aged well due to the questionable age gap between the characters when they started dating, the relationship has been an important staple for the X-Men dynamic and still has the potential to be a great love story if the heroes get back together. .

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

Split Image Iron Man comic introducing Pepper and Happy, Modern Tony and Pepper dancing

While the MCU makes it seem like Pepper Potts and Tony Stark have been together for just over a decade, the couple is one of Marvel’s longest-running relationships, with the pair first dating in 1963 like many other cornerstone couples in Marvel. Comic Universe.

In each version of the relationship, the couple experiences highs and lows that test their strength, such as Pepper wanting Tony to stop being Iron Man, but in the end they find their way back to each other. one and continue to work together in some capacity. Tony and Pepper’s relationship is unique in that it highlights the struggle of being with a hero when they are common people, which few storylines have explored.

Vision and Scarlett Witch

wanda and the vision in marvel comics

Wanda and Vision’s relationship gained new popularity on Twitter with the release of WandaVision, Creates new interest in the origin of the long-running Marvel couple that takes place in 1963. The Vision and Scarlett Witch, by most accounts, present a normal relationship that makes the couple relatable to readers despite having superpowers that make them heroes.

The couple’s growth allowed them to continue for years as readers saw the couple’s progress from getting their first home to having children. The tragedy of the couple, mainly the loss and rebirth of Vision, makes it easy for readers to want to see more from the couple and makes it possible for Marvel to find new ways to reunite couple

Thor and Jane Foster

Thor and Jane Foster look angry in the comics

Since 1962, Thor and Jane Foster have been exploring their feelings for each other, from being co-workers in their early iterations to trying to find each other with Mjolnir in the latest characters. The relationship between Thor and Jane Foster has been complicated since it began, like many superhero couples, including hidden identities (mainly Thor’s), meddling fathers, and death.

Until recently, the MCU portrayed the relationship as funny and sweet when, in the comics, the couple went through a lot of highs and lows beyond a breakup blip or circumstances beyond their control, like Jane being diagnosed have terminal cancer. The couple has always experienced tragedy, and anything that gets in the way of their union has made them a cornerstone couple for Marvel and a favorite of fans of all ages.

Black Bolt and Medusa


Black Bolt and Medusa have one of the most heartwarming relationships as the couple pushes through the things they are “allowed” to do, like having children, which happened in 1988 in The Inhumans, and in certain versions, learned to communicate through their eyes and sign language in order to preserve the safety of all who were empowered by Black Bolt to destroy everything a little more and a whisper, which showed a level of understanding between the two that most people wish they had. in their relationships.

Despite being cousins, the two’s romantic relationship has been central since they first appeared together as they continue to show that as a couple, they are better together than apart and bring a more human aspect to heroes who are considered inhuman .

Sue Storm and Reed Richards

Cropped Sue Storm screams for Reed Richards as Dr. shoots him.  Doom

As one of Marvel’s most famous couples, Sue Storm and Reed Richards are considered royalty when it comes to romantic storylines, as they hold the record for the longest marriage in all of Marvel Comics. Like many other Marvel couples, the couple appeared in the 1960s when Marvel was just getting started and, for the most part, have remained a happy couple ever since.

The heroes struggle with things like how to parent their children while being threatened by great evils in the world, making them more relatable to parents whose main focus is to protect their children, even the evil ones. are at different levels. The happy couple allowed fans to have a shining light in even the darkest of storylines knowing that Sue and Reed would stay together, giving stability to the group and readers.

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