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Marvel is a highly profitable part of America’s most powerful entertainment company. While the comic book publishing side of the company doesn’t have the money of the movie arm, they control the largest market share in the superhero comic market. Basically, if Marvel wants to, they can put out whatever books they want, just to see if they can stick them together.

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2023 is a new year for the company and as always, there are many characters that fans want to see in their own books. This ranges from well-known characters that are strangely missing to lesser-known characters that deserve their own books.

10/10 Hercules Has No Single Book of Ages

Hercules in Marvel Comics

Marvel is full of powerful demigods, but few of them can match Hercules. The Prince of Power is often an upper-level B-lister, last seen in Guardians of the Universe, helping protect the universe and hanging out with her new boyfriend Noh-Varr. Hercules is always a fun character, ready to fight, party, or both.

Hercules could do another single book. Outside of the X-Men books, Marvel is notoriously bad at LGBTQ rep, so giving bisexual Hercules a series would go a long way toward improving that. Beyond that, there’s so much that can be done with Herc, and he deserves a series.

9/10 Jean Gray Is An Icon That Deserves Her Own Book

Hellfire Gala Jean Gray in dress and diadem

Marvel is looking to give its women more of a chance to shine in 2023, but is also ignoring the biggest superheroine icon in the X-Men. Girls like Storm, Emma Frost, Mystique, Rogue, and more can front a book, but there’s one who deserves it more. Jean Gray is an icon and the patron saint of the X-Men, and she needs a solo book.

Teen Jean Gray got a short-lived solo book, but fans didn’t love that version as much as they did the main version. Giving him a series would be great, especially since he’s completely wasted X-Men. Jean is very popular and well known, so giving him a solo in the Krakoa Era would be great.

8/10 Cannonball And Smasher Would Make For A Great Sci-Fi Superhero Book

Cannonball of Marvel Comics who flies through space with his wife Smasher

Cannonball was completely left out of the Krakoa Era. Since the end of his time as an Avenger, he has lived in the Shi’Ar Empire with his wife, the Imperial Guardswoman Smasher, and their son. He showed up a bit New Mutants, but that’s it. Smasher has also been gone since his time with the Avengers ended, so giving him and Cannonball a book would be nice.

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The Shi’Ar Empire doesn’t get nearly the exploration that other Marvel space empires do, despite its important role in X-Men history. Setting up a book starring Cannonball and Smasher as they deal with threats to the Empire is welcome, allowing fans to spend time in an environment they don’t get to see as much with the characters they love.

7/10 The Winter Soldier was Left in the Captain America Renaissance

captain america winter soldier special cover header

Not all Marvel heroes fulfill their destiny, which is what happened with the Winter Soldier. His time as Captain America was his peak and he’s been on the decline ever since. His solo books failed, and he reverted to being a sidekick. With Steve and Sam both starring in solo books as Captain America, it’s time for Bucky to come into his own.

Bucky makes several appearances in Steve’s book, and he has a new status quo, a player in a great century-long game. That story is mostly handled in Steve’s book, but the Winter Soldier may still get his own book at some point in the year.

6/10 Nova is set to Return

Richard Rider in space as Nova

Nova is a top-notch cosmic Marvel hero. Writer Al Ewing pitched him Guardians Of The Galaxy, and he is also showing X-Men Red, hanging out at Port Prometheus in Arakko. He helped fight Uranos’ machines in Judgment Day and was last seen helping in the battle against Vulcan. It’s time for Richard Ryder to have his own adventures again.

Nova hardly gets the credit she deserves. Even though Ewing was writing him off, he wasn’t the icon he could have been. Making him a part of an X-book, especially one of the most famous like X-Men Red, maybe give him the spotlight to get his own solo book.

5/10 The Sentry Always Deserves Better Than He Gets

Marvel Comics' The Sentry using his powers

Many Marvel heroes have disappointed fans, but none like the Sentry. His 2000 debut was a clever, psychological tale, but what followed wasn’t as good. He’s used as a boogeyman more than anything else, going back and forth between hero and villain because of his dark Void side. Writer Jeff Lemire was supposed to do an ongoing, but it was cut into a mini.

The Sentry was killed at King In Black and recently seen as an undead creature in Strange. The Sentry has come back from the dead before, so it would be easy to bring him back in a single book in 2023. There’s still a lot to do with the character.

4/10 The Inhumans Are Set to Return

Marvel Comics' The Inhumans by Jae Lee, featuring (left to right) Triton, Gorgon, Karnak, Black Bolt, Medusa, and Crystal

Marvel and the Inhumans have been at loggerheads ever since Marvel’s attempt to push them was over. 2018’s Death of the Inhumans they were killed, but left a way for the royal family to return. Marvel needs that right now. Inhumans shouldn’t be pushed around like they’re mutants. The characters can work in all kinds of other stories and a new book can show that.

The Inhumans push introduced all kinds of great characters beyond the royal family, opening up more. The Inhumans book could have gone in so many directions. Done right, it could start a more organic Inhumans push that could give Marvel another killer franchise.

3/10 Reed Richards Never Really Got Any Single Story

Reed Richards poses bravely in Marvel Comics

The Fantastic Four have a long history at Marvel, but one character isn’t often seen outside of the team’s book. Reed Richards is usually always with the FF or even in a team book, like New Avengers. Reed is a character who needs a chance to exist outside of the team.

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Reed is a rich character, one that many fans love for a variety of reasons. No one has really tried to work with him outside of a team, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. An ongoing may not be the right place for Reed, but a miniseries is a good place to show readers that Reed can be a solo star.

2/10 Wolverine Is Too Good For A B-List Miniseries

Laura Kinney's Wolverine runs into battle, claws extended, in Marvel Comics

Laura Kinney as Wolverine gained a lot of fans and 2022 let many of them down. He is part of the cast of X-Men until the Hellfire Gala one-shot. However, his time at X-Men seems like a waste, because he’s pretty much a character most of the time. He has appeared since then X-Terminatorsand as expensive as that mini is, she still deserves better.

Wolverine should have his own book. Logan was with him. Laura should get hers. People love him and mutant books are huge right now. Wolverine is a character with enormous potential. He’s already done solo books, has a built-in supporting cast, and can go in a different direction than his father.

1/10 Ms. No Continuity Marvel

Mrs.  Marvel Dark Web Spider-Man 1

Ms. Marvel is an amazing hero. He starred in his own Disney+ series and was the most popular character released by Marvel in the 2010s. The only one that comes close is Miles Morales, but Spider-Man has his own solo book and starred in movies. Ms. Marvel gets a show, and some one-shot guest starring more popular heroes like Wolverine or crossovers like Dark Web.

Ms. Marvel was a comic book star, but that faded a bit. If there’s ever a character that needs to be in a new solo book in 2023, it’s him. He is still popular and has a legion of fans. Ms. Marvel is a great hero, and giving him a book would be great for his readers.

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