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The Marvel Universe was originally meant to be a more down-to-Earth, realistic universe than DC Comics. represented”the world outside your window,” Marvel Comics often features enemies that can be reasonably defeated by someone with extraordinary talent and colorful costumes. However, over time, the universe has become a more dangerous place.

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Almost every superhero team has frequent run-ins with galaxy-level threats. While some heroes can keep up with these threats, others are in dire need of some form of power upgrade if they are to remain relevant. Some of them already have ways to become more powerful, while others may ask for help to reach the next level.

10/10 Iron Man Needs to Upgrade to More Powerful Hardware

Iron Man in Marvel Comics.

It might seem ridiculous to say that someone who can upgrade his armor whenever he wants needs a power upgrade. Of course, despite Tony Stark upgrading his armor all the time, that doesn’t stop him from getting thrown by whoever he fought during the Civil War, be it Captain America or Captain Marvel.

The bigger problem is that Tony isn’t currently using any of his most powerful armor. The Model 70 is powerful enough to make him a dangerous threat, but it is nothing like the technological capabilities of Extremis or the Bleeding Edge armor. Considering the kind of life Iron Man leads, it’s only a matter of time before he has to step it up.

9/10 Colossus Needs Strength To Compete With Other Powerhouses

Colossus in his armored form as a member of the X-Men.

Colossus is introduced as the muscle of the X-Men. A young man with the ability to transform into organic iron, he was definitely one of the strongest members of the group. However, his physical gifts are often left lacking. Whether it’s Juggernaut or the Hulk, if Colossus has to fight someone known for their strength in the Marvel Universe, he’ll usually lose.

From the very beginning, this was due to Colossus’ inexperience and unwillingness to fight. These days, it’s because his strength has a high limit, and it doesn’t come close to the real tough guys in the Marvel Universe. He needed some kind of strength bump, preferably something permanent instead of the time he experimented with the Cyttorak bands.

8/10 Hawkeye has to keep up with the rest of the Avengers again

Marvel's Hawkeye in the comics.

Clint Barton was once considered such a dangerous fighter that even Iron Man was defeated by him at one point. Of course, that was in the early days when Iron Man’s armor could be charged with an electrical outlet, but it still speaks to just how much of a threat Hawkeye is.

These days, various interpretations of Hawkeye have shown him as an aging hero struggling to keep up with the young. It’s a wonderful way to explore a superhero, but not when that superhero is constantly fighting threats that could end the world.

7/10 Jubilee Needs To Live Up To Her Potential

Jubilee was surprised by his ability in Marvel Comics.

Jubilee has taken a long time to go from a character that the fandom made fun of because of her weak powers in the ’92 cartoon to someone who is loved because she’s an artifact of bygone ’90s culture. Regardless of how the fandom feels about him, he’s definitely underpowered.

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Jubilee is a popular member of the X-Men thanks to her leadership and training abilities, but her energy blasts are often little more than a fireworks show. He seems to be even more dangerous as a vampire than he was as a mutant, but now that his true powers are back, they need a big boost in power.

6/10 Sam Wilson Needs Better Tech To Compensate for Lack of Super Soldier Serum

Sam Wilson's Captain America stands in a heroic pose in Marvel Comics.

Sam Wilson earned the right to be called Captain America. He has been working as a crimefighter on his own, with Steve Rogers, and with the Avengers for years. However, he is also relatively weak compared to Steve or many of the other members of the Avengers.

Without the Super-Soldier Serum to rely on, Sam instead uses tech that’s a mix of Wakandan and Stark technology, but it only gives him flight and the ability to protect himself. If he’s going to keep fighting, making a bigger target for himself in the Captain America suit, at some point, he’s going to need either better weapons or something to increase his strength.

5/10 Gamora Needs To Reclaim Her Title As The Most Dangerous Woman In The Universe

Gamora's original appearance in Marvel Comics.

It might seem ridiculous to say someone with the title of The Most Dangerous Woman In The Universe needs a power-up. That title refers to Gamora when she was one of Thanos’ children or an assassin for the Magus. When his first answer to any problem was murder, it made his job much easier.

These days, as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora’s morals are not so dark, and her enemies only grow stronger. He is often taken killing off the table, meaning he needs to be stronger to deal with the threats that appear.

4/10 War Machine Needs to be Upgraded Almost as Much as Iron Man

War Machine firing his weapons in Marvel Comics.

James Rhodes has spent years piloting several types of armor, be it the Iron Man armor or the War Machine suit. Unlike Iron Man, he is not known for having dozens of different variations of his suit, having only worn nine models since the suit was introduced.

Since James usually relies on other people to build his armors, it takes him longer than others to get the right upgrades. However, Rhodes knows how dangerous it is to be out of step with the times. His fight with Thanos before Civil War II cost him almost everything. If nothing else, Stark should give him more frequent upgrades.

3/10 Stingray Needs to Keep Up with Increasingly Dangerous Undersea Threats

Stingray swims in the deep ocean in Marvel Comics.

Walter Newell is an example of a hero who is just trying to make the best of what he has. He invented the Stingray suit to allow him to survive at low depths, withstand the pressures of the ocean and allow him to breathe underwater. This gives him super strength, gliding abilities, and the ability to swim at high speeds.

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The problem is, it doesn’t protect Walter in any serious situations either. He’s been beaten by everyone from Iron Man to Namor over the years. While those heroes should be out of his league, it shouldn’t be that bad. However, he continues to fight the Avengers, so someone should really offer him an improved armor design.

2/10 Hobie Brown Needs A Suit Ready To Fight Crime In New York City

Spider-Man - Hobie Brown/Prowler in Marvel Comics.

Hobie Brown is an engineering genius who originally created the Prowler suit to commit crimes. After being captured by Spider-Man, he decided to turn his life around and has been an on-again, off-again hero ever since. Most recently, he was taken to wearing Spider-Man’s old Hornet suit, which is more powerful than the Prowler suit.

However, even the Hornet armor is a severe downgrade if Hobie is going to compete with some of the villains in New York City. With a suit that only provides flight, wrist blasters, and enhanced strength through the suit’s micro-servos, it’s not nearly powerful enough to take on even some of Spider-Man’s villains, never mind some to the bigger threats he has to face.

1/10 Tigra Needs To Get The Mystical Powers She’s Abandoned For So Long

Avengers member Tigra rushes the reader in Marvel Comics.

Tigra has been a part of the Marvel Universe since the early ’70s, when most Avengers threats were generally more terrestrial in nature. These days, the cosmic seems to be knocking on the Avengers’ door every other day, while even the villains on Earth have become more powerful and dangerous.

Tigra’s speed and reflexes can be dangerous if she catches someone off guard, but it’s not enough to ensure she’s a major player. He seems to have powers beyond what he has shown himself to be capable of, with a connection to the mystic realm that largely leaves him alone. If he’s going to continue to be a part of the superhero community, he’ll have to use those very powers.

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