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Being a superhero isn’t about the glory, but for many of Marvel’s mightiest, it’s definitely an added bonus. The publisher is known for his human characters, each hero boasts positive and negative qualities. For some of these characters, healthy competition is a major driving force.

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In the world of gods and monsters, there are many opportunities for superheroes to test their mettle. While most of Marvel’s competitive heroes only see this element of themselves as a part of their crime-fighting abilities, there are others whose thirst for competition can never quite be quenched. From young mutants to otherworldly princes, Marvel’s heroes love a good contest.

10/10 The Human Torch is Good Natured Competitive

Art Adams' depiction of the Human Torch smiling and flying forward

Johnny Storm, AKA the Human Torch, is the happy-go-lucky flamethrower of the Fantastic Four. Torch certainly has the most fun with his powers, using them to write in the sky, fly at lightning speed through New York skyscrapers, and play pranks on his teammate, the Thing.

Johnny Storm also loves some good competition. Storm loves to race, using both vehicles and her powers to compete with others. He also has a friendly rivalry with Iceman, an opposite-powered hero who Storm loves to test his firepower against. While Storm isn’t competitive enough for this to be her defining trait, she’ll never pass up an opportunity for a friendly race.

9/10 Doctor Strange Needs To Be Competitive As Sorcerer Supreme

Doctor Strange stands in front of the famous window of the Sanctum Santorium

To earn the title of Sorcerer Supreme, one must be quite confident in his abilities. Steven Strange is full of confidence, using it to fend off challengers like Baron Mordo and Loki. Strange is annoyed when other characters claim the title, showing his competitive attitude about his magical prowess.

Even before Doctor Strange became a sorcerer, he was a competitive individual. Strange’s time as a surgeon is notable for his success, with the Doctor constantly challenging himself even when the lives of others are at stake. Although his training with the Ancient One has made him a little more grounded, Steven Strange remains a competitive man.

8/10 Dani Moonstar Quickly Made Rivals

Dani Moonstar Aims Her Bow

One of the original recruits for the New Mutants, Dani Moonstar is a Cheyenne mutant with the power to create illusions of others’ hopes, dreams, and nightmares. During the New Mutants era, Moonstar grew confident in her abilities as she led the team through trial after trial.

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Moonstar is not competitive about anything in particular; instead, he quickly developed conflicts. As the team’s co-leader, he helped start a rivalry with their rivals, the Hellions, while his relationship with his teammate Sunspot was defined by their competition with each other.

7/10 Sunspot Loves The Game

Sunspot destroying a robot in X-Men Red

Sunspot, like Moonstar, is a founding member of the New Mutants. Just like Moonstar, Roberto DeCosta’s competitiveness is a defining feature of who he is. Readers first meet Sunspot as a skilled teenage soccer player and follow him as he grows into a skilled superhero, leader, and businessman.

DaCosta’s competitiveness was fueled by his father, a ruthless businessman who relentlessly pursued wealth. Although Sunspot has developed a healthier relationship with money, power, and competition, old habits die hard, and Sunspot continues to push himself into the realms of business and superheroics.

6/10 Quicksilver wants to be Fast

John Buscema's Quicksilver goes through Jarvis in Avengers 75

Although his speed is generally weak compared to Flash, Quicksilver is one of the fastest beings in the Marvel Universe. Quicksilver sees time more quickly than most of his compatriots, meaning the once-Avenger often resents his teammates and their inability to move as quickly as he can.

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That being said, Quicksilver is always eager to test his speed against anyone else. Notably, Pietro Maximoff made beat Wally West in a footrace, though the race is in the Marvel Universe, where the Speed ​​Force does not exist. Frustrated and quick, Quicksilver’s quick-tempered demeanor inspires him to race.

5/10 Namor has a Major Superiority Complex

Namor and Shuri before fighting in Marvel Comics

Not so much competitive as he is arrogant, Namor McKenzie, Prince of Atlantis, will never turn down a challenge. The ruler of Atlantis was known for his prickliness; he is easy to criticize and difficult to apologize.

As a skilled fighter, Namor quickly developed a rivalry with Hercules when the two teamed up in the Avengers. Similarly, Namor views Reed Richards as an inferior partner to Sue Storm compared to himself, and he constantly seeks to prove to the Invisible Woman the truth of his beliefs. Not a contest-seeker, Namor nevertheless sees himself as better than others.

4/10 Thor Wants To Test His Prowess

Thor holds Siegfried's sword

Marvel’s Prince of Thunder hails from golden Asgard, a land filled with as much magic and joy as it is friendly competition. The Son of Odin loves a good competition and throws himself against gods, giants, and monsters to prove his worth. In a story adapted from classical mythology to comics, Thor drinks enough of the ocean to enlarge a beach in a drinking contest.

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Thor also has a particular element of competition that he enjoys: letting other people try to lift his hammer. Few can, and the God of Thunder takes great pleasure in continually winning his hammer-lifting competition.

3/10 Hulk Is The Strongest

Hulk sees his rogues gallery in his mind in Marvel comics

Bruce Banner is a smart, gentle scientist who only wants to make the world a better place. Not so for the Hulk. While Banner’s jade-jawed alter ego usually seeks peace and quiet, his immense strength and monstrous form constantly bring him into conflict with super-powered beings.

When the Hulk gets angry, he only gets stronger and angrier. Often, those who challenge the Hulk will be rejected, then the unwitting ones who start a rampage. Hulk declares himself “the strongest out there.” Once Hulk starts down this path, nothing can stop him until he successfully proves his dominance in this arena.

2/10 Wolverine’s Catchphrase Say It All

Wolverine debuts against the Hulk

You don’t call yourself “the best there is at what you do” if you don’t have a competitive streak. James “Logan” Howlett led a long and varied life, but ol’ Canucklehead made a constant point of telling heroes, villains, and just about anyone who would listen about how great he was.

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Logan is competitive in how he sees himself as a fighter. While Logan doesn’t go around starting fights just to beat people up, his samurai honor code means he doesn’t take insults to his prowess lightly. Wolverine is a warrior born and bred, who believes himself capable of defeating anyone in a fight.

1/10 Hercules Will Fight Anything

Hercules fights a giant hand in Marvel Comics

Whereas Namor is proud but not competitive, Hercules is competitive but not proud. At least, the Greek demigod isn’t afraid to get dirty when the situation calls for it. Contests of strength, drinking contests, even attempts to upstage the various Avengers bases: Hercules would never turn down a competition.

Hercules’ competitive nature borders on the dangerous. When Hercules first met Wonder Man, he punched him through a brick wall because he heard his strength was similar to Thor’s and wanted to test his bravery. Hercules loves all kinds of competition and looks for it wherever he goes. Although he is strong himself, he gets into trouble many times because of Herc’s love of competition.

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