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Marvel has featured some epic rivalries over the years. The feud between hero and villain, or hero against hero in some cases, leads to fantastic battles. These battles destroyed cities, causing untold collateral damage. The largest of these conflicts lasted for years, spreading destruction over long periods of time and increasing in severity.

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These battles have had all kinds of stakes over the years, from those that cost lives to those that risked the entire universe. When superpowered beings clash, there are always consequences, with rivalries making it all the more intense.

10/10 The Avengers And The X-Men’s Rivalry Almost Destroyed Earth

Cyclops shoots optic beams at Captain America as the Avengers fight the X-Men

Despite being two teams of heroes, the Avengers and X-Men are not allies. While the two teams worked together, more often than not, they went against each other. Their battles did widespread damage, but nothing could compare to the war before Avengers vs. X-Men. The two teams battled for the incoming Phoenix Force, which worsened when the Force arrived on Earth.

This leads to the Phoenix Five leading the X-Men against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, with Namor invading Wakanda and killing countless people. The final battle sees Cyclops imbued with the Dark Phoenix, endangering not only Earth but the entire universe. Since then, they don’t fight much, but they are definitely not friends.

9/10 The Kree And The Skrull Have Spent Countless Millennia At War

Marvel's Avengers in the Kree-Skrull War.

“The Kree-Skrull War” saw the Avengers embroiled in a long-running conflict. The two alien empires have been fighting it out for years, with the Kree Supreme Intelligence hoping he can figure out a way to start Kree evolution by studying the Skrull. The Skrull want to spread their empire further, and the Kree are the only thing standing in their way.

The war lasted for millennia. The loss of life was incalculable, and their battles left many planets unable to sustain life. The Avengers ending the war is a huge boon for the galaxy, as it will continue until one side completely wipes out the other.

8/10 The Hulk And Thunderbolt Ross Rivalry Is Fierce And Destructive

Thunderbolt Ross attacks the Hulk from Marvel Comics with the Gamma Blaster

General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross never liked Doctor Bruce Banner, but he liked the idea of ​​the gamma bomb. When the Hulk is created by testing a weapon, he finds it his duty to stop what he considers a monster. The rivalry created between the two that day would make Ross Ahab and the Hulk his white whale.

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Ross spent years trying to come up with a way to destroy the Jade Giant, becoming more and more obsessed. For his part, the Hulk destroyed everything Ross threw at him, costing the US military billions of dollars. Ross eventually transforms into the Red Hulk to better fight his enemy.

7/10 Ultron’s Hatred of Hank Pym Leads to His Genocidal War Against Humanity

Ultron takes on Hank Pym in Marvel Comics' Rage of Ultron

Ultron is an icon among Avengers villains, the mad android who holds a grudge against the team like few others. Ultron hates the Avengers, but most of all, he hates his “father,” Hank Pym. Pym made Ultron to be his lab assistant, but something unprecedented happened. Ultron regains consciousness, hypnotizes Pym, and leaves.

Since then, Ultron and the Avengers have tried to destroy each other many times. Attacks by evil androids have cost millions of lives. Pym is always instrumental in ending Ultron’s attacks, making Hank the main source of his anger.

6/10 Kang The Conqueror Wants To Prove He’s Better Than The Avengers

Kang blocks the Avengers' attacks

Kang the Conqueror is Marvel’s premiere time-traveling villain. He first encounters the heroes of the present as Rama-Tut, fighting the Fantastic Four. He will return as Kang the Conqueror and focus on the Avengers, the only adversaries he believes can challenge him in the past, present, and future.

Since then, Kang’s attacks against the Avengers have caused all kinds of destruction. He has almost conquered Earth several times, and his manipulations of the Apocalypse Twins have actually caused Earth to be destroyed. Kang and the team’s battles are the stuff of legend, as he strives to prove that he can defeat any opponent, especially Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

5/10 Captain America And Red Skull’s Feud Spans Decades

Captain America fights the Red Skull in Marvel Comics

Among Marvel’s biggest rivalries, the one between Captain America and the Red Skull is something special. The Red Skull’s atrocities in Europe led to the creation of Captain America by the US. Their battles in WWII are the stuff of legend, with Cap saving countless Allied soldiers from the Skull’s machinations. Since Cap’s resurrection in the present, the war between the two has started again.

The Red Skull is known for using everything he has in his attack on Captain America. Many lost their lives in his schemes, with only Captain America stopping things from getting worse. Red Skull wants to remake the world in his twisted image, and only Cap can stop him.

4/10 Wolverine And Cyclops Almost Destroy The X-Men With Their Rivalry

Cyclops and Wolverine fight in the X-Men Schism.

The X-Men have had several iconic rivalries between members, with the rivalry between Wolverine and Cyclops being the most notable. For years, the two men have competed with each other, sometimes fighting. However, it did not become destructive until X-Men: Schism. When Cyclops has Hellfire Club goons kill Oya, a teenage mutant, Wolverine takes violent exception to the mutant leader’s use of child soldiers.

Their battle with each other lasted until the Hellfire Club sicced its most powerful Sentinel against the mutants of Utopia. They stop their fight against each other long enough to save the day, but their friendship is broken. Wolverine brings half of Utopia’s mutants with him to New York and starts bad-mouthing Cyclops to the Avengers, which indirectly leads to Avengers vs. X-Men.

3/10 Adam Warlock Saved The Universe From Thanos’ Predations Multiple Times

Adam Warlock punches Thanos in the Chest

Adam Warlock and Thanos have a historic rivalry, one that saw Thanos nearly destroy the universe. The warlock thwarts him every time, fighting for life against Thanos’ mission of death. Warlock fought Thanos many times before the Mad Titan’s first death and was the leader of the resistance against him when he had the Infinity Gauntlet.

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Warlock played chess with a god, moving pieces around the board in a desperate attempt to slow Thanos down long enough to wrest the Gauntlet from him. The Warlock has always been a champion of life, putting himself in opposition to Thanos at every turn.

2/10 Both Magneto And Xavier’s Anger Breaks

Marvel Comics Magneto and Professor X Fighting

Few Marvel face turns can compete with Magneto. For years, Charles Xavier’s former friend was mankind’s greatest enemy, with only the X-Men standing in his way. She and Xavier may have mended their relationship, but over the years, their fierce rivalry has visited untold destruction on Earth.

Several times, Magneto’s attacks worsen as he tries to destroy the X-Men. Furthermore, the Onslaught affair only happened because of the rivalry between Xavier and Magneto. Magneto’s destructive effect was lessened because Xavier stood up to him, but there were also times when it made things worse.

1/10 Reed Richards And Doctor Doom’s Feud Is A Modern Legend

Reed Richards and Doctor Doom face off in Marvel Comics.

Marvel’s villains can be ruthless, but even on that count, Doctor Doom is an example. Doom hates every hero, with a few exceptions, but the one he hates the most is Reed Richards. Doom has hated Richards since he met him in college, and many of the Latverian monarch’s worst deeds are motivated by his hatred of Reed.

Doom will almost certainly fight any hero, but he fights to destroy Richards. This caused him to up the ante, causing more destruction than he would have otherwise. He will do anything to destroy Richards.

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