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Marvel has made its bones by giving readers superheroes they’ve never experienced before. Their heroes are immediately different from their well-known competition, with personalities closer to real life. However, that’s not the only place where they differ. In the beginning, the designs of Marvel’s superheroes also set them apart. They eschew tradition and stand out as much as possible.

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While not every design is perfect right away, Marvel has created looks for their heroes that not only look different but often tell a story in itself. In a visual medium like comics, Marvel’s designs stuck and became legendary.

10/10 Cyclops’ Second Garment Set The Standard For Everyone That Followed

Cyclops single-handedly defeats the X-Men

Cyclops has always been a reliable member of the X-Men. However, she is also reliable when it comes to beautiful costumes. While his original costume, the blue and yellow standard X-Men uniform, was pretty basic. The one he received X-Men (Vol. 1) #39drawn by artist Don Heck, is a marked improvement and the beginning of great costumes to come.

While it kept the blue and yellow colors, it changed how the colors were positioned, with blue dominating the costume, with yellow trunks, gloves, and boots. It also has a full skullcap mask, which would be standard for the character until the late ’80s. It’s a simple costume, but it looks amazing, and he’ll wear it until he leaves the team Weird X-Men #201.

9/10 Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel Costume Mix Old And New

Captain Marvel drawn by Jamie McKelvie

Carol Danvers becoming Captain Marvel is a big deal, and she needs a costume that fits the occasion. The original Captain Marvel costume is a classic, red and blue masterpiece. Monica Rambeau’s is different but still outstanding, and Genis-Vell’s costumes are beautiful, the second of which was introduced in Avengers Forever (Vol. 1) standing outside. Captains Marvel’s outfit was fine, and Carol had to keep it going.

Captain Marvel Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick commissioned artist Jamie McKelvie to design Carol’s costume, saying that if Marvel didn’t pay her, she would. McKelvie’s design is straight up brilliant, taking everything that came before and making it special. It’s an iconic look and instantly recognisable.

8/10 Ghost Rider Is A Striking Visual

Ghost Rider vol 2 issue 19 Gil Kane cover art

A big part of Ghost Rider’s success is the look of the character. First appeared in Marvel Spotlight #5, drawn by Mike Ploog, in 1972, Ghost Rider is basically a demonic Evel Knievel. The motorcycle daredevil is all the rage, and Marvel plays on that, as well as giving Ghost Rider the flaming skull head that made him an icon. The biker look paid dividends for the character.

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Ghost Rider’s design was the main reason behind his early popularity. His entire design screams cool, and it has worked for generations. That look changed when Ghost Rider was revived in the ’90s by artist Mark Texeira, but it still played with the same design elements and motifs.

7/10 Thor Takes the Traditional Superhero Costume Formula And Makes It His Own

Mystery Journey 83 Kirby

One element of superhero design that early Marvel heroes shied away from were capes. It’s like a shot across the bow, a way of saying that the old order has changed. Only one hero has a cape, but it makes perfect sense. Thor is Marvel’s greatest warrior, and artist Jack Kirby wanted to capture the character’s greatness for his first appearance in Mystery Journey #83.

Thor’s red cape gives him an old-fashioned look, which is perfect for the character. Her sleeveless tunic’s triangular shape is unique, with silver circles giving it an armored look. It’s all topped off by his helmet, a winged beauty that is timeless. Thor’s design used a traditional aesthetic but still made it modern and different.

6/10 Silver Surfer Design Enhances Purity Of CharacterSilver Surfer in Jack Kirby's Marvel Comics Galactus Trilogy

Marvel cosmic heroes are the best in comics, with one standing above the rest. The Silver Surfer, introduced in Fantastic Four #48 and designed by Jack Kirby, is an example of a simple design that tells its own story. Kirby is a master of this type of design, and he did it here with no clothing.

Silver Surfer is a silver at least. Silver is bright and shiny, and has a look of purity to it. This is how Lee and Kirby show readers that the Silver Surfer will be a friend. Her lack of costume showed that she was open with nothing to hide. It’s a design that says everything about the character, as well as an exercise in perfection that never needs to be changed.

5/10 Iron Man’s More Streamlined Red And Yellow Armor Starts A Revolution

The cover of Tales of Suspense #48, featuring Iron Man and Mr.  Doll from Marvel COMics

Iron Man is an amazing hero, but his original costume left something to be desired. It’s big and clunky, with a matte gray finish. Soon, it will be gold, but it’s still not perfect. Tales Of Suspense #48, drawn by Steve Ditko, would be the first step of armor in the modern era. It is streamlined, modern, and its red and yellow colors are striking.

While it’s definitely not the best Iron Man has ever worn, it’s the most important because it started the evolution of the suit. Iron Man’s customization of his armor began here, and became a hallmark of the character. Things certainly got better in the future, but it never would have been without this departure from tradition.

4/10 Jean Grey’s Phoenix Costume is Regal

Marvel Comics' Jean Gray as Phoenix

The X-Men have great costumes, but few of them are as good as Jean Grey’s first Phoenix costume. It takes the green and gold colors of her Marvel Girl costume, giving readers the recognizable colors they’re used to, but puts them in a bodysuit instead. The phoenix symbol on his chest is a more traditional superhero element, but then the sash adds something that breaks the mold.

First appeared in Weird X-Men #101 and drawn by Dave Cockrum, it’s an instantly iconic design. There are so many smart design choices in the costume. This is definitely Jean’s most memorable look, and the only one that’s definitely better is the Dark Phoenix version, which swaps out the green for gold.

3/10 Wolverine’s Current Outfit Is His Best Ever

Adam Kubert's Wolverine in the Marvel Comics storyline.

Wolverine’s design has always been important to the character. He had some iconic costumes, with the blue and yellow and brown and orange standing out. Some people prefer the latter. Some are as before. Yellow and blue got a modern-day re-imagining thanks to John Cassaday in Amazing X-Menand his brown and orange will have a similar redesign House of X #1, drawn by Pepe Larraz.

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The brown and orange looks more animalistic, which suits Wolverine better, and giving it a more modern cut makes all the difference. It feels more functional, especially with heavier gloves and boots. It’s an all-around improvement over yellow and blue.

Captain America punches Hitler in Captain America 1 in Marvel Comics

Captain America is Marvel’s most inspiring hero, and his costume is a big part of that. Designed by Jack Kirby for Captain America Comics #1, its red, white, and blue colors, lack of a cape, buccaneer boots, and winged mask are wonderful little design elements that will become key elements of the design and help make the character legendary.

Kirby will design the costume for Cap’s return Avengers (Vol. 1) #4, makes it modern and makes it perfect. The good thing about this is that there is no need to change. Even when they give Steve Rogers a new costume, he always comes back to it because it’s perfect.

1/10 Spider-Man’s Costume Is Amazing And Amazing

Amazing Fantasy 15 header

Spider-Man is Marvel’s big gun. The company was popular before he debuted, but Spider-Man took it to the next level. Peter Parker is the ultimate Marvel hero, always striving to do the right thing and often failing somehow.

The origin of his outfit is lost in time, as some say Kirby designed it, and others say Fantastic Fantasy #15 created by artist Steve Ditko. Regardless, it’s an amazing design. This is usually ideal, because things have changed over the years only slightly. It has stood the test of time like few other comics.

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