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Marvel Comics has debuted many great villains since its inception in 1939. Throughout the decades, Marvel’s villains have grown bigger, meaner, and scarier, striking fear into the hearts of characters and fans

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Many Marvel villains are very powerful and this isn’t just a regional threat. Many are known, and feared, throughout the Universe. Different planets and species know the names of these villains. It takes a lot to be one of the most feared people in the entire galaxy.

10/10 Molecule Man Was Created To Destroy The Multiverse

First Appeared In Fantastic Four #20 By Writer Stan Lee, Penciler Jack Kirby, Inker Dick Ayers, Colorist Stan Goldberg, And Letterer Artie Simek

The Molecule Man is sometimes depicted as a ‘reluctant’ hero, but more often a supervillain. He gained the power to manipulate molecules through what was initially considered a freak accident, but turned out to be a deliberate act.

Molecule Man’s power alone is a reason to fear him, but he and the other Molecule Men created in this incident were originally intended to be used as bombs to destroy the Multiverse by the Beyonders. The power that Molecule Man wields is unstoppable.

9/10 Magneto hates the Human Race

First Appeared In The X-Men #1 By Writer Stan Lee, Penciler Jack Kirby, Inker Paul Reinman, And Letterer Sam Rosen

Magneto uses his mutant power of magnetism in the X-Men comics

Magneto is a household name in Marvel Comics, often portrayed as a villain despite recently ending his long-running feud with Professor X. Magneto is a mutant and has the ability to generate and control magnetic fields.

Magneto will go to any length to ensure the survival of the mutant species. He is often brutal and hateful when it comes to humanity, seeking to dominate them by any means necessary. Magneto has been a dangerous threat since his debut.

8/10 The Literal God of Evil Amatsu-Mikaboshi

First Appeared In Thor: Blood Oath #6 By Writer Mike Oeming, Penciler And Inker Scott Kolins, And Colorist Wil Quintana

Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the God of Evil, Chaos, and the Stars, is a primordial being and a creature of living darkness. As well as superhuman strength, endurance, agility, and speed, he is highly skilled in a form of Japanese dark magic, and possesses extensive supernatural powers.

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Amatsu-Mikaboshi’s power alone scared him. He took control of thousands of alien gods to destroy worlds and realities, to eliminate the gods. This gave him enough power to be a threat to the entire Marvel Universe, feared by all its mortals and entities with powers.

7/10 Ultron Created His Own Virus

First Appeared In The Avengers #54 By Writer Roy Thomas, Penciler John Buscema, Inker George Tuska, And Letterer Artie Simek

Ultron attacks the Avengers from Marvel Comics

Ultron is a synthezoid created by Hank Pym, whom he hates. Ultron has a god complex, and is set on destroying the universe to achieve what he considers world peace. He is a highly intelligent and powerful android, with a body made of admantium.

Ultron is artificial intelligence with genius level knowledge. He created his own virus called the Ultron Virus which allows him to control anyone or anything that is infected. Ultron continues to evolve, and his growing intelligence is what makes him one of Marvel’s most feared villains.

6/10 Galactus Eats Worlds

First Appeared In Fantastic Four #48 By Writer Stan Lee, Penciler Jack Kirby, Inker Joe Sinnott, And Letterer Artie Simek

Galactus looked sad

Galan lived before the Big Bang, merged with the Sentience of the Cosmos when his world ended, becoming Galactus. He is a cosmic entity with so much power that he has to consume the energy found on the planets for sustenance.

Galactus is literally known as the Devourer of Worlds, so it’s no wonder he’s feared throughout the Galaxy. He has almost unlimited godlike power, possesses the Power Cosmic, and is powerful enough to surpass most measuring methods. Galatus’ battles are known to affect reality itself.

5/10 Thanos Killed Half of the Population of the Universe

First Appeared In The Invincible Iron Man #55 By Writers Jim Starlin And Mike Friedrich, Inker Mike Esposito, And Letterer John Costanza

Thanos stares with glowing blue eyes at Marvel Comics' Infinity

Thanos is an Eternal-Deviant warlord from the moon Titan, and one of the most popular supervillains in Marvel Comics thanks to his MCU counterpart. Thanos is considered one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, and often believes that his brutal actions are completely justified.

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Similar to his portrayal in the MCU, Thanos was able to collect all the Infinity Stones to kill half the universe’s population, but did so in the comics to impress the living embodiment of death. Combined with his enhanced Eternal abilities, Thanos is feared across the galaxy for good reason.

4/10 Mephisto is Marvel’s Devil

First Appeared In The Silver Surfer #3 By Writer Stan Lee, Penciler John Buscema, Inker Joe Sinnott, And Letterer Artie Simek

Mephisto from Marvel Comics laughs nonstop

Mephisto is one of Marvel’s most famous and powerful supervillains – an extradimensional demon who takes on the appearance of Satan. He does this to manipulate those who believe in absolute evil, as well as rule over a pocket dimension called Hell.

Mephisto enslaves human souls in his pocket dimension along with the souls of extraterrestials, forcing living beings to submit to his will. He is empowered by the sources of evil in the human world, and even though he is not really Lucifer, Mephisto is also feared.

3/10 The Apocalypse Will Kill Anyone Who Shows Weakness

First Appeared In X-Factor #5 By Writer Bob Layton, Penciler Jackson Guice, Inker Josef Rubinstein, Colorist Petra Scotese, And Letterer Joe Rosen

An impending Apocalypse has come to Krakoa in Marvel Comics

En Sabah Nur, known as Apocalypse, is the first of the second generation of mutantkind. He was forced into slavery until his power grew and he conquered his masters.

Apocalypse is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. He believes in mutant supremacy, survival of the fittest, and anyone who shows weakness must be destroyed. The Apocalypse is ruthless and omnipotent, and feared as a result.

2/10 Dormammu Is A Threat To The Universe

First Appeared In Weird Tales #126 By Writer Stan Lee, Penciler Dick Ayers, Inker Paul Reinman, And Letterer Sam Rosen

Dormammu is one of the Faltine species, born anytime between thousands and millions of years ago, driven from his home with his sister after they killed their parent, Sinifer. He is an interdimensional entity composed of mystical energy.

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Due to his mystical energy, Dormammu can achieve almost anything he wants, including energy projection, teleportation, and necromancy. He has multiversal influence, and is a threat to the universe itself.

1/10 The Phoenix Force Can Destroy Existence

First Appeared In Weird X-Men #101 By Writer Chris Claremont, Penciler Dave Cockrum, Inker Frank Chiaramonte, Colorist Bonnie Wilford, And Letterer John Costanza

The Phoenix Force set fire to Marvel Comics

The Phoenix Force is one of the oldest cosmic entities, and is said to predate darkness itself. The Phoenix Force is immortal, indestructible, and is the force of creation and destruction.

The Phoenix has the power to sever and regrow existence, as well as destroy it entirely. It can project beams of destructive force, and when bound to a host, it amplifies their power to untold degrees. The Phoenix is ​​one of the most feared creatures in the Marvel universe, for very good reason.

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