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Since the 80s, Marvel has created dozens of events that bring together all the heroes in one storyline. The main purpose behind the events is to point the most iconic figures of Marvel against a specific threat. The event continues to cross over many different series through tie-ins, in addition to a central story. Since the first event, many stories have become staples for Marvel while others have gone largely unnoticed.

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Every casual Marvel fan knows Civil War o The Infinity Gauntlet, especially thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But some other events are less tumultuous. Some fans would love to see these lesser-known comics adapted, but first, readers need to actually know these events.

10/10 Utopia Is Too Similar To Past Stories

Magneto in Utopia X-Men Marvel

After Simon Trask promotes a more radical mutant regulation, riots break out across San Francisco. To bring order, Norman Osborn pits the Dark Avengers against the X-Men, who, led by Scott Summer, must defend their people. In the process, Osborn creates his own Dark X-Men.

At first glance, it seems Utopia by Matt Fraction and Mike Carey was just an attempt to create the Dark Avengers the same way they created the Dark Avengers, but it wasn’t true. On the one hand, this series sets the groundwork for Nation X. On the other hand, it establishes an interesting story about political hate speech.

9/10 Fans Are Coming Back To Scare Themselves

Odin holds a dying Thor in Marvel Comics

In Fear of Self, by Matt Fraction, Stuart Immonen, and Wade Von Grawbadger, the heroes of the Marvel universe must face The Serpent, Odin’s brother, and the Asgardian God of Fear. The Serpent War began after the Serpent, also known as Cul Borson, returned to reclaim his place on the throne of Asgard after Odin took it.

With many Thor-centric events, Fear of Self featuring one of the the most dangerous Thor villains. Cul Borson is a god, like Thor and Odin. This makes him a challenge for all heroes. In addition, this series deals with the aftermath of important Marvel arcs, such as Captain America’s grief after losing Bucky. Fear of Self didn’t get the praise it deserved in its time, but now that Cul is back for Jason Aaron’s run, more readers are discovering it.

Several X-Men descend from the sky brandishing swords from Marvel Comics

X of Swords, by Jonathan Hickman and Tini Howard, follows the epic battle between the Swordbearers of Arakko and the Swordbearers of Krakoa in a series of tournaments that will decide the fate of mutantkind. Wolverine himself described the situation as a “multidimensional fight over land rights.” This makes sense, but it is only the tip of the iceberg.

After the creation of the mutant nation, Krakoa, X Of Swords suggesting a new attempt at changing the island’s status quo. This series really didn’t get much attention House of X and Power of X, but it’s exciting. A sword tournament is rarely less than epic.

7/10 The War of Kings Should Not Be Ignored

A comic art image depicting a Gladiator flying through a red sky in Marvel Comics

A six-issue miniseries, War of the Kings shows the epic war between the Shi’ar and Kree. With the Inhumans reclaiming the Kree empire, Black Bolt unites both races by pitting them against the Shi’ar – resulting in a massive battle that eventually involves the Guardians of the Galaxy, Starjammers, and even Nova Corps.

The 2009 event War of the Kings, of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, two of the most powerful races in the Marvel Universe against each other. Obviously, things get wild right away. No wonder the events’ tagline is “When kings collide, the galaxy trembles”. It’s impossible to know why this event was ignored in its time, but hopefully, more readers will start appreciating it soon.

6/10 Fans Ignore King In Black, One Of Marvel’s Darkest Moments

Venom is Once Again Marvel's King in Black

In King in Black, by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, Knull arrives on Earth with an army of symbiotes ready to invade Earth. As Eddie Brock and Venom sense him, the antihero warns Earth’s superteams so they can assemble against this powerful supervillain.

The Symbiotes have always been one of the scariest villains in all of Marvel. Knull, their father, is as dangerous as they come. He created one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe, All-Black the Necrosword. Knull’s attempt to conquer Earth is one of this universe’s darkest moments, but few readers recognize the event in its time.

5/10 War Of The Realms Is Just Part Of The Jason Aaron Run

Daredevil uses Hofund

After Malekith was crowned king of Svartalfheim, he assembled a Dark Council to help him conquer the 10 realms. Eventually, he directed his armies towards Earth and won. Marvel’s most iconic heroes reunite and plan against the Dark Elf invasion.

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Jason Aaron’s iconic run on Thor had many high points during its run. War of the Kingdoms, which he created with Russell Dauterman, is certainly one of them. The series expanded Aaron’s view of Thor to other heroes, including incredible moments like Daredevil using Heimdall’s sword or the Dora Milaje fighting the Frost Giants. Unfortunately, it didn’t get the attention it deserved before Thor went to Donny Cates.

4/10 Annihilation Features Many Powerful Heroes

the guardians of the galaxy in annihilation comics

Annihilation follows the events before, during, and after Annihilus used the Annihilation Wave to control the positive matter universe to claim it as his own. This series works as a narrative of aggression, which only further changes the status quo as time goes on. Annihilation was created by Dan Abnett, Simon Furman, Keith Giffen, Javier Grillo-Maxuach, Andy Lanning, and Gabriele Dell’Otto.

Annihilus is one of those villains that takes things to the next level. His cosmic-level abilities and intentions immediately raise the stakes, so Annihilation is quite a journey. Annihilation featuring many Marvel powerhouses, such as Drax the Destroyer, Thanos, and Ronan. Most casual fans don’t know about this series, but they really should.

3/10 Many Fans Have Compared Civil War II To Civil War

Iron Man and Captain Marvel face off in Civil War II from Marvel Comics.

When an Inhuman with precognitive abilities appears, Earth’s superheroes find themselves at the center of a new conflict between them. A group of heroes led by Captain Marvel thinks that Ulysses’ powers can be a tool for preventive justice, while others led by Iron Man believe that humans deserve opportunity to change their own destiny.

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Civil War II, by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez, raises an interesting question about the dichotomy of determinism versus free will. Unfortunately, its premise is lost in comparisons against Civil War. Most of the people who were satisfied with the first installment did not give II one chance, so it wasn’t as successful as it should have been.

2/10 AXIS Had A Big Change Of Morality At Marvel

Iron Man leads the Avengers during AXIS

After harnessing the power of Onslaught and the late Professor X, the Red Skull confronts the Avengers and X-Men. In the middle of the battle, Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom perform an inversion spell that changes everyone’s moral alignment. With heroes playing villains and villains playing heroes, the stakes are higher than ever.

Changing morality is a common theme in comics, but AXIS takes it to the next level, opening the door to a whole new realm of possibilities. Unfortunately, this event did not get as much attention as it deserved. Probably because it doesn’t have enough marketing. AXIS was created by Rick Remender with various artists, such as Adam Kubert, Leinil Francis Yu, Terry Dodson, and Jim Cheung.

1/10 Siege Too Short For Fandom’s Taste

Siege Ms Marvel vs Mac Gargan

Under the claim that Asgard (now floating above Broxton, Oklahoma) is a danger to humanity, Norman Osborn sends military troops and the Dark Avengers to lay siege. To protect Thor’s home, the Avengers join the battle. siege is the culmination of Dark Reign arch

siege, by Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel, is the crowning moment of one of Marvel’s biggest, most radical arcs and it certainly delivers. However, it was barely recognized by fans and received poor critics. Some believe this is because it is too short for the type of story it tries to offer.

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