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Over the past 60 years, the superhero characters of Marvel Comics have not only become iconic fixtures in the tapestry of American pop culture, but they are recognized around the world. That was true even before the launch of the unstoppable box-office juggernaut known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But for every icon like Spider-Man or the Hulk, there are dozens of lesser known or even mostly forgotten heroes who never made a splash. Marvel has created literally thousands of characters over the decades, so it’s only natural that there are more misses than hits. However, this doesn’t mean that Marvel’s lesser-known superheroes don’t deserve attention.



Apalla in Marvel Comics

Apalla is a being seen as the living manifestation of Earth’s sun. His powers allow him to emit blasts of heat and light up to levels equal to Earth’s sun. She is often known as Reina ng Araw or Reina ng Araw.

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He appears in the comics alongside Doctor Strange, working together to defeat their enemies. He creates his humanoid form and comes to Earth to help Doctor Strange in dealing with the Creators, who want to change the stars to gain power. This leads him to lose his powers and his memory, but even so, he falls in love with his new found humanity.


Alpha in Marvel Comics

This superhero’s real name, Andrew Maguire, is a reference to Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, who played Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a demonstration by Peter Parker at Horizon Labs, he gained the ability to create a hyperkinetic form of energy that was tied to the forces of the universe.

To further his heroic career with his new abilities, Spider-Man decides to train him. Spider-Man asks him to help the Avengers fight Terminus, but he is reckless with his powers. He has the potential to be a great superhero even fighting alongside the Avengers, but he makes bad decisions, causing Spider-Man to lose his powers.

Lion heart

Lionheart flying in the sky

Kelsey Leigh Kirkland was a normal school teacher until she was caught on the front line of a battle between the Avengers and the Wrecking Crew. He used Captain America’s shield to save his family from the blow, which left him severely injured but transformed into the new Captain Britain, one of Marvel Comics’ iconic British superheroes.

Choosing a sword, leading the path of violence, he helps the Avengers defeat Morgan and his cronies. Not knowing his choice, he became cruel after realizing that he could never show himself to his children. Under the codename Lionheart, Kelsey takes revenge and blames the former Captain Britain for what happened to her. Ultimately, she learns the error of her ways and relinquishes the mantle to become a mother to her children.

Kelda Stormrider

Kelda Stormrider in Marvel Comics

Kelda is the Norse goddess of winter storms, ice, lashing rain, and rolling clouds. He possesses Asgardian power with conventional superhuman abilities and is considered one of the higher-ranking Asgardian gods, primarily due to his gentle nature.

Once she is revived by Thor after the Ragnarok Cycle, she seeks new experiences within Midgard and falls in love with her husband Bill Cobb. She was even considered on the list of women Odinson believed to be the new Thor. Even though he died, his ghost still has a fight left in him as he helps Thor fight Cul Borson.

Jumbo Carnation

Jumbo Carnation in Marvel Comics

Jumbo is a mutant fashion guru and club entrepreneur in New York City. He designed clothes dedicated to mutants and sold them through the X-Factory Store. When he first died, he was honored by many legendary House of Jumbo Carnation.

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Since her resurrection, she acts as the White Queen’s fashion designer. Although she is not like many well-known superheroes, she has made an impact on the fashion industry for mutants through her appearances on television shows and her being part of the White Queen’s entourage.


Fantomex of Marvel's X-Men

Fantomex, also known as Charlie-Cluster 7, is a technologically advanced one developed by The World as part of the Weapon Plus Project to be used as an agent and prototype for “Super Sentinels”. His powers include hypnotic illusions, enhanced reflexes, skilled marksman, and much more

As an enhanced being, he has three brains that act in relation to each other and an external extension of his nervous system named EVA. His mutant status and rebellious nature allow him to join the X- Men, fighting for the mutant cause despite his ruthless past. .


Sleepwalker in Marvel Comics

The Sleepwalker is a dream guardian that will capture any creature that attacks people while they sleep. His powers are superhuman strength, superhuman disability, and warp gaze, which changes the shape of objects to aid his cause. He is currently trapped in Rick Sheridan’s mind, only escaping when Rick sleeps.

Each issue includes him fighting many original villains such as 8-Ball, The Chain Gang, and Lullaby. Although he has helped many of the members of the X-Men and Avengers, he has never been introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His job within the Marvel universe involves using his powers for good, making him a superhero in the shadows.


Rick Jones as A-Bomb

Iconic Marvel Comics sidekick Richard “Rick” Jones organized the Teen Brigade to help monitor Hulk’s activities and aid Captain America in Bucky’s absence. Rick receives extensive damage, requiring him to be transported to the site of the gamma bomb, where he witnesses the Hulk’s transformation. There he transforms into a blue creature, similar to the Abomination of the Intelligencia members. His temper flares easily, so he nicknames himself, A-Bomb.

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Richard’s heroism was not known before he became A-Bomb. His part in the Marvel universe is an important piece, even if no one knows who he is. He was a sidekick to many popular heroes such as the Avengers, Fantastic Four, She-Hulk, and Hulk as he used his powers for good, even after being injected with a cure. His chance to become an Avenger was ruined when Captain America wouldn’t allow it.

Demolition Man

Dennis Dunphy idolized superheroes at a young age. When a Power Broker agent reaches out to increase his physical strength, he jumps at the chance. He was offered a place in the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, where he could use his enhanced strength against wrestlers of the same strength as the Thing.

When D-Man learns about the pills that keep wrestlers like him addicted, he frees himself from the Power Brokers’ control with the help of Grimm and Ventura. His heroic career leads him to team up with Captain America to bring down Power Broker Inc. After their victory, he joins the Avengers on an informal basis to help them from time to time.

Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts using his powers in Marvel Comics

Jack of Hearts is one of the unsung heroes who should join the MCU. In an accident with a Corporation agent’s laser cannon, Jack Hart is doused in his father’s corrosive fuel, “Zero fluid.” He underwent a mutagenic change that made him glow, releasing a burst of energy that killed those around him. He nicknamed himself Jack of Hearts in homage to his father’s love of playing cards.

His time blindly seeking revenge against the Corporation that killed his father led him to team up with heroes like the Hulk, Iron Fist, Shang-Chi, and Iron Man. He created a suit that resembled a Jack of Hearts playing card to help him control his powers, but he never really thought about the strength of his abilities. Although his first mission had villainous qualities, he learned from his villainous ways during his time with the Avengers.

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