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Do you like all things fashionable, or do your friends call you a fashionista? Maybe you always feel like you’re out of clothes, or online shopping has become your new addiction. If Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar are your holy bible, then you can’t afford to miss out on these quirky clothing brands at the most epic flea market festivals and step up your fashion game, be it casual wear, parties and festivals. We’ve got you covered! Can’t wait to learn more? Let’s dive into it.

1. Ashima Wahal

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Men don’t have a wide range of choices when it comes to clothing, let alone ethnic wear, but that’s no longer the case as Ashima Wahal (Australia) is a one-stop shop for Indian wear for men. Lovingly woven by various artisans from different parts of India, AW has a wide range of collections ranging from casual wear, fancy or casual wear and party wear. So, don’t forget to add them to your shopping list!

Scroll through their Insta Feed | https://instagram.com/aashimawahal

2. Queen Bee design

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Are you one of those people who always keep up with the latest trends and follow all the latest fashion trends? We just found the right place for you at one of Delhi’s most loved festivals. Designs by Queen Bee will be your favorite stall as they have everything you need to stand out from the crowd, with their premium quality and exclusive style, the brand believes in sustainability and providing diverse collections so you can’t afford to miss out!

Scroll through their Insta Feed | https://instagram.com/designsbyqueenbee

3. ABS by Abhilasha

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Do you like unusual fashion? Want to make a fashion statement? ABS By Abhilasha is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Make your own customized paint and ready-made clothes to destroy your OOTDS! That’s why don’t forget to check out her booth at Boho Bazaar, surprise your friends with these paint outfits and fraternize with your gang!

Scroll through their Insta Feed | https://instagram.com/absbyabhilasha?

4. Saleti

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If you don’t want to look overdressed or have a hard time finding clothes for work or hanging out with friends that are simple and minimal, then people head straight to Saleti to check out all the versatile couture and minimal clothing. They are a sustainable brand which adds another reason why you should totally check them out! In addition to this, customize your outfit to suit your needs by adding their trendy accessories with a touch of retro aesthetics.

Scroll through their Insta Feed | https://instagram.com/saleti.in?

5. Select And you

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Girls, trust us when we say this, you definitely won’t want to miss out on Select And You at Boho Bazaar as it has everything you could wish for, so wear the latest trendy, trendy and aesthetic clothes without compromising on quality and very affordable too . ! They will definitely be your shopping goals this holiday.

Scroll through their Insta Feed | https://instagram.com/selectandyou?

6. Batnia

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Don’t we all love it when a brand cares about the environment too? Botnia is one of them, a cost effective brand with biodegradable packaging, they have some of the highest quality products, super trendy and super comfortable, their merch includes all the super cool anime prints, quotes, games, art and so much more! Festivals are a steal and you can get your own prints, so why not experiment with fashion and have some fun?

Scroll through their Insta Feed | https://www.instagram.com/botnia.in/

7. Label Muslin

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We’ve all heard that fashion is not comfortable and luxury is expensive, but that doesn’t always have to be true with Label Muslin, a sustainable and ethical brand, you can experience comfort and luxury with their exclusive Noor collection with their premium quality Run to their stall for an epic flea market festival with their girl gang!

Scroll through their Insta Feed | https://www.instagram.com/labelmuslin/

8. Zahra – Kashmir Textiles

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You don’t have to travel all the way to Kashmir to shop their gorgeous fabrics because Zahra brings back Kashmir’s favorite textiles, so drop by the Boho Bazaar Festival at JLN Stadium to flaunt the exquisite and exclusive collection and experience the essence of Indian heritage through their craftsmanship .

Scroll through their Insta Feed | https://instagram.com/label_zahra?

9. Gray Grace

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Lockdown made us all go crazy for the thrift store collections we all saw on Instagram, they were trendy, aesthetic and affordable! So what could be better than a pop-up shop at one of the most amazing festivals in Delhi, so make sure you stock up on some gorgeous handmade outfits and accessories. Don’t forget to take your shopping partner on a bargain shopping spree.

Scroll through their Insta Feed | https://instagram.com/graygraceofficial.

10. Eyewear

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Founded as an online thrift store during the adjustment, Eyeconic is ready to set up its stall at one of the coolest flea markets this winter. They have all those edgy outfits that will make you the center of attraction and they are sustainable, pocket friendly and of course chic too! So be sure to check out their gorgeous collection of sweaters, jackets, dresses and more.

Scroll through their Insta Feed | https://instagram.com/eyeconic_attire?

11. Raet

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If deep prints are your thing and you feel like they make you the star of the show, then Raeth is definitely one you shouldn’t miss at a festival that features traditional block prints for both traditional and contemporary wear, they are an ethical and sustainable brand. Look elegant this winter with their sophisticated and whimsical designs and make a statement wearing new ethnic wear.

Scroll through their Insta Feed | https://instagram.com/raeth_official?

12. Label Prerna Jindal

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We’re all here for body positivity and size inclusivity. Prerna Jindal Label is the perfect place for this at Boho Bazaar. Spice up your wardrobe with their super chic collection without the hassle of finding the right size, and it’s super affordable too! So, come home with a gorgeous collection of clothes.

Scroll through their Insta Feed | https://www.instagram.com/label.prernajindal

13. Shijo

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Staying true to their name, their collection will actually make you feel like you’re dressing like a star, a clothing brand run by two housewives who have entered the fashion market, they are gender and age sensitive so it’s all in one stop, you can’t afford to miss the flea market festival. So, get your shopping bags ready to take home outfits for your loved ones.

Scroll through their Insta Feed | https://instagram.com/shijo_wear?

14. Punk

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If your taste in fashion is cottage, then punk should be your stall at this winter edition of Boho Bazaar Fest. If black is the only color that makes you happy, then you need to check out their gothic collection. If Dark Academia is your aesthetic, then Punk’s collection of cool graphic tees, simple prints and quirky slogans, then their pop shop is every punk fan’s dream. They have special hats, mittens, headbands and scarves to make your Christmas even sweeter.

Scroll through their Insta Feed | https://www.instagram.com/punkindia/

Now that all these amazing brands are coming to Boho Bazaar 4.0, you need to pack your shopping bags with your best friends for some great retail therapy this weekend!

What | Boho Bazaar is an epic flea market
where | Gate No. 2, JLN Stadium
If | December 23 – 25, 2022 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Timings | 11 am – 10 pm
Login | Limited early bird tickets at R249
Book early bird tickets here | https://insider.in/boho-bazaar-4-dec23-2022/event


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