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Marvel Snap is a game full of interesting cards and more complex strategies. The large pool of cards allows players to constantly innovate and try out elaborate combinations. However, sometimes players just want to take down a big dinosaur and call it a day.

Devil Dinosaur is a powerful card that will be the first big threat for many players that can defeat The Hulk. It’s a simple card that gets the job done and we like that for Devil Dino. But sometimes finding the right shell for this card can be tricky. Whether it’s a Collection Level issue or Collector Box bad luck, players may simply not have the right cards at the right time. Fortunately, TGH has its back. Here are three deck lists featuring Devil Dinosaur that players can give.

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Pool 2 Dino

– One of the first truly solid deck players gets access to the first Collection Levels
– Lots of reactive cards to allow Devil Dinosaur to secure the game

– Very predictable
– Can struggle sometimes when players don’t draw Devil Dinosaur

The Pool 2 Dino list is great for newer players because the list is ultimately not set in stone. This iteration is something that I personally felt worked well in climbing the early Collection Levels. The game plan is simple – play things up to fourth year, where you want Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur in hand. This allows you to play a Devil Dino on turn 5, and follow up with another on turn six. Usually this is an easy 26 power swing in your favor.

The tricky part about this line game is making sure the Devil Dinosaur is on the left two cards in your hand. If it is not there then the plan eventually flounders. Having one big dinosaur might be enough, but there are times when you’re two locations behind and really need an extra bomb.

In this example, Moon Girl will only copy Elektra and the White Queen

That pretty much sums up the “cons” for this list. There are a lot of solid support cards in the list but there aren’t many “win” cards here. Iron Man and Devil Dinosaur are great cards to end a game with and are solid throughout Pool 2. But if you miss one, it will be hard to secure that second location. Despite the weaknesses, this list can be completely usable even beyond Pool 2.

Arnim Dinosaur

– Explosive turn 6 can steal wins
– Found wins without Dino
– Great From Missing Position

– Easily distracted by Cosmo/Rogue Without Priority
– Difficult to Play in Certain Locations
– Can Accidentally Lose Games

Arnim Zola is a powerful Snap card. It’s usually Black Panther’s best friend, but it’s definitely strong against a lot of big threats – like our friend the Devil Dinosaur. Turn five Dinos into 6. This is a two card combo that can surprise some players after a few turns of little to nothing.

One of the best parts of playing with Arnim Zola is the ability to rescue your Dinosaur from a dangerous position. In priority, Zola will keep Devil Dinosaur away from an enemy Shang-Chi, Enchantress or Rogue. Zola is great when a player needs to adjust their game plan and needs to move the Dino to a different location.

However, playing Zola means that every move must be thoughtful and purposeful. Players want to leave an open location to ensure a clean 5 Dino on a turn 6 Zola. Otherwise, it becomes a coin flip of what Zola actually duplicated. Not being careful with your card placement can result in some less than optimal Zola’ing.

Cosmo is a great puppy, a perfectly good boy. However, he is the number 1 way to prevent the Zola combo from happening. Professor X is also a nuisance, and forces us to adjust the play pattern.

Dino’s death

– A reactive deck that keeps the board clean
– Attack from multiple angles
– A little clumsy sometimes, can try to do too much
– If Death isn’t cheap enough, it becomes a dead card (heh)

The final list of the day is an odd duck but it looks like it will bring a little more different approach to the table. We know Devil Dinosaur is just a great threat, but we really want to pair it with something that can harness its raw power. We tried Iron Man and Zola, but sometimes you want to change up the traditional plan of attack with Devil Dino. It’s time to meet Death.

Death’s game plan revolves around playing something like a “destroy” deck with cards like Carnage and Bucky Barnes. By destroying cards and reducing the cost of Death, this deck allows its pilot to play both Devil Dino and Death in the same turn. In theory, the early turns will generate a lot of power that can help Dino and Death push the overall power over the edge.

Unfortunately this deck has some consistency issues. It can be difficult to time all the card destruction well, while also hoping to pull out the big bombs. Ultimately this deck could use some tuning and iteration, so there is a shot that this list could be better than advertised.

Go Forth and Slam Dinos

These are just a few of the versions of the decks that use dinosaur power. Over time, players will surely evolve and create some more optimized lists. Until then, give it a whirl.

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