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There are several Marvel couples who have made a name for themselves due to their enhanced fighting skills, fighting prowess, and powerful abilities.

Marvel fans fell in love with a new heroic duo when Mary Jane and Black Cat teamed up without their usual partner-in-crime, Spider-Man. They’re just two of the fan-favorite Marvel couples to join a long list of superhero relationships that have appeared in comics over the years.

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Some couples have more success than others when working together as crime-fighting heroes. While some Marvel heroes in relationships may win the popularity vote, they will lose in a physical fight to other couples with better fighting skills. The relationships didn’t always work out, but their superhero partnerships worked out well thanks to their advanced fighting skills.

5/5 Spider-Man And Black Cat Work Well As A Fighting Team

Spider-Man and Black Cat are taking over the city

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson spent more time in a relationship and became one of Marvel’s best couples. And while they work well together in tense situations, they never truly fight together as a crime-fighting couple.

However, Spider-Man and Black Cat recently rekindled their romance, reminding fans how much they worked together in the past. The romantic couple always focused more on their costumed lives, which benefited them in battle. Spider-Man’s abilities make him a skilled and acrobatic fighter while Black Cat’s years of training as a cat thief make him difficult to take down.

4/5 Both Black Panther And Storm Win Trials By Combat

Black Panther and Storm surrounded by lightning

One of Marvel’s best couples may no longer be together, though fans are still hoping to see Black Panther and Storm reunite in the future. Both heroes are experienced leaders of the Avengers and X-Men, making them a definite power couple. Both heroes proved their mettle in battle separately and together.

T’Challa wins a trial by combat to claim the title of Black Panther and the throne of Wakanda. Storm wins her own trials against mutants like Callisto and Cyclops for leadership of the Morlocks and the X-Men. They also temporarily served as members of the Fantastic Four to further showcase their skills together.

3/5 Hawkeye And Mockingbird Are Former SHIELD Agents

Hawkeye and Mockingbird in crosshairs from the 2010 comic

Another Marvel couple that didn’t end up together was Hawkeye and Mockingbird. Both Clint Barton and Bobbi Morse are highly trained SHIELD agents who find love after they develop their costume identities.

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Bobbi Morse’s first mission as Mockingbird teams her up with Hawkeye, and they marry soon after. Their training allows them to fight well together, and they can hold their own against the most powerful threats. The duo had a quick romance that developed more during their time as members of the West Coast Avengers, though it almost ended.

2/5 Cyclops And Jean Gray Have Been Training Since They Were Young

Cyclops and Jean Gray use their mutant powers as the X-Men

Scott Summers and Jean Gray are two of the founding members of the X-Men. They joined Professor Xavier’s team of mutants and began practicing their abilities as teenagers. They honed their fighting skills in one of Marvel’s most advanced training facilities, the Danger Room.

Romance blossoms between Cyclops and Marvel Girl, and they develop a close psychic connection that further connects them. This allowed them to work better in stressful situations, further increasing their years of training together. Cyclops and Jean Gray are well-oiled fighting machines who can count on each other to hold their own in battle.

1/5 Daredevil And Elektra Are Both Highly-Trained Fighters

Daredevil is alongside Elektra in Devil's Reign Omega in Marvel Comics

Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios have had a turbulent romantic relationship over the years. Elektra’s job as an assassin ran up against Daredevil’s life as a crime fighter. They remained estranged, though Elektra remained one of Daredevil’s best love interests.

Elektra steps into the role of Daredevil to keep Hell’s Kitchen safe. Their romance is rekindled, and Elektra’s newfound desire for heroism brings them closer than ever. They currently both operate as Daredevil, fighting the ninja clan known as the Hand. Their incredible fighting skills make them difficult for the Marvel couple to defeat.

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