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Not long after fans feared that the recently released second season might be its last, warrior nun joined the long list of shows canceled by Netflix when the streaming platform officially announced it was leaving on December 13, 2022. Although it’s possible the fantasy-action series — which executive producer Simon Barry adapted from Ben Dunn’s manga-style comic book — will find a new home elsewhere, the news is still heartbreaking, especially since Alba Baptista gives such a strong performance as the lead, demon-hunting hero, Ava Silva . However, we shouldn’t worry because there are so many other characters he can take on attitude of playing in any upcoming Marvel movies, possibly.

Now, to be clear, I’m not basing my belief that the Portuguese actor has a shot at starring in any upcoming superhero movies (or TV shows) of the Marvel persuasion on his rumored romance with the former Captain America actor, Chris Evans. Watching him in action warrior nun will provide more than enough evidence to prove why the Mrs. went Harris in Paris star will be a dynamite addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, his role on the show gave me some ideas for what Marvel characters from the comics he might be the perfect candidate to bring to life on the big screen (or on Disney+ in a new show on Marvel TV), including some. with the same profession.

Stained Glass Scarlet from Marvel Comics

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Scarlet Stained Glass


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