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Marvel fans are gearing up for something new Red Goblin series, which follows young Normie Osborn as he acquires his own symbiote. Although Red Goblin is generally known as a villain, it is possible that Normie can use the Red Goblin symbiote to do good, unlike his grandfather. Normie Osborn is just the latest possible hero in the Marvel universe to get their powers from someone else.

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Marvel heroes like She-Hulk and the original Ms. Marvel has gained incredible strength from exposure to other heroes. Cosmic beings like the Silver Surfer received their incredible abilities from primal forces like Galactus. These Marvel characters get their powers from another hero or villain, but they take their own path to become heroes in their own right.

8/8 Wonder Man Was Given His Powers By Baron Zemo

Wonder Man using his ionic abiliites

When Simon Williams first appeared as Wonder Man, he attacked the Avengers under the orders of Baron Zemo. Captain America’s old enemy created a device that created ionic rays, which he used to empower Williams as a member of the Masters of Evil.

As Wonder Man, he became one of Marvel’s strongest superheroes. He soon rebels against Zemo and joins the Avengers instead. After his apparent death, Wonder Man discovers that he can transform his ionic body into a powerful new form of energy. Zemo later used the same ionic process to empower characters like Erik Josten, who would become Atlas of the Thunderbolts.

7/8 Patriot’s Super-Soldier Serum Comes From His Grandfather

Eli Bradley as Young Avenger Patriot

Elijah Bradley is one of the founding members of the Young Avengers as the masked Patriot. He is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, who temporarily operated as Captain America after surviving the super-soldier serum testing process during World War II. Patriot first used the drug Mutant Growth Hormone to enhance his strength, speed, and durability.

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However, when the young Avengers discover how he got his powers, he agrees to stop using MGH. Patriot’s grandfather gave him a life-saving blood transfusion after he nearly died in battle. Eli gains enhanced abilities from the super-solder serum, though he decides to retire as a Patriot.

6/8 Carol Danvers gets Captain Mar-Vell’s Power

Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel

Although Carol Danvers later learns her half-Kree heritage accounts for some of her abilities, she originally gained her powers in a different way. Danvers was a security chief when he first met Mar-Vell in his Dr. disguise. Walter Lawson. Danvers assists Kree Captain Mar-Vell during the battle with Yon-Rogg who destroys his Psyche-Magnitron device.

When the device explodes, Mar-Vell shields Danvers from the blast. However, the energy from the machine sealed Mar-Vell’s power and abilities into him. This unlocked her Kree potential and she became Ms. Marvel. Carol Danvers transitioned into several costumed identities before she took over as Captain Marvel.

5/8 The Rogue Steals His Powerful Strength From Ms. Marvel

An image of Rogue from X-Men, wearing her iconic crop jacket

When Rogue first appeared, she was working alongside Mystique’s Brotherhood of Mutants. He joins the evil mutant team on a mission against the Avengers, which leads to his fatal confrontation with Ms. Marvel that will affect them both for years.

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Rogue temporarily ended Danvers’ run as a hero. Her mutant ability to absorb the memories and abilities of anyone she touches puts Ms. Marvel at coma after prolonged exposure. Rogue stole the flight, strength, and durability that made him one of the most powerful X-Men.

4/8 She-Hulk Gained Hulk’s Strength From Blood Transfusion

She-Hulk breaks a wall in Marvel Comics

Jennifer Walters is a lawyer who made some enemies with the mob, who targeted her. His cousin Bruce Banner saved his life after he was shot by a mobster. He gives her a blood transfusion, even though she fears the effects of his gamma-irradiated blood.

Walters transforms into She-Hulk, though she doesn’t lose control like the Hulk. She retains her personality even in her She-Hulk form and can change back and forth at will. The more relatable She-Hulk is able to maintain her life as a superpowered lawyer while also working with teams like the Avengers thanks to the gamma power she inherited from her cousin.

3/8 Alpha Powered By Spider-Man Parker Particles

Alpha using electric powers in the Spider-Man comics

Peter Parker accidentally repeats the accident that gave him his powers as Spider-Man. He demonstrated his newly discovered Parker Particles when he accidentally empowered a Midtown High student named Andy Maguire. He becomes Alpha and begins training to become a hero alongside Spider-Man while being monitored by Horizon Labs.

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Alpha has the ability to manipulate cosmic energy to give himself increased strength, speed, and flight. He can also project cosmic energy in devastating explosions. Spider-Man eventually determined that he was too irresponsible for his new role and ultimately eliminated the Alpha.

2/8 Mjolnir gives Jane Foster the Mighty Power of Thor

Jane Foster as Mighty Thor in the comics

The Original Sin The event shakes up Marvel’s heroes with earth-shattering revelations after the death of the Watcher. Thor became unworthy of Mjolnir because of his own revelation. He left it where it fell in the Blue Area of ​​the Moon as he took the name of Odinson.

Jane Foster was battling cancer when she proved she was worthy of Mjolnir. When he took it. Mjolnir empowers him as one of the strongest versions of Thor. Jane Foster keeps her identity a secret as she fills the hole left by the unworthy Odinson. Foster sacrifices herself to save Asgard, earning a second chance at life as a reborn Valkyrie.

1/8 Galactus Transformed Silver Surfer With The Power Cosmic

The Silver Surfer surfing action in the middle of the cosmos.

Norrin Radd is a brilliant scientist from the utopian world of Zenn-La. When Galactus arrives to consume Zenn-La, Radd intercepts one of Marvel’s most powerful cosmic beings and makes a deal to save his world. Radd agrees to become Galactus’ messenger so he can find new worlds for his master to devour.

Galactus gave him the Power Cosmic, turning him into the Silver Surfer. The Silver Surfer dutifully served Galactus for many years, though he rebelled against his master when he fell in love with Earth. Galactus agreed to save her even though he exiled the Silver Surfer to Earth. Silver Surfer later escaped and continued to use his Power Cosmic as a sentinel of the spaceways.

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