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Thor may have Mjolnir in Norse mythology and thus his Marvel equivalent is the main bearer of it, DC one of their heroes was the first to wield Mjolnir.

Even though Marvel and DC exist in different universes, that doesn’t mean they don’t still share certain artifacts, namely to Thor strong hammer Mjolnir and its connection with justice league. Characters like Superman and Wonder Woman have been shown in the past to be worthy enough to wield Mjolnir, but these times were during crossovers between DC and Marvel where the Marvel version of Thor was present, so it is expected. However, there have also been instances where Mjolnir has been seen in the DC Universe independent of Marvel’s Thor.


For example, in the 1940s All-Star ComicsCarter Hall’s version of Hawkman was originally introduced wielding Mjolnir, doing so years before Marvel’s Thor thus made his comic debut in 1962. However, while his hammer was introduced in the comics as the Hammer of Thor ( or at least the DC version of him), would later be reconsidered as not being the actual infamous hammer of Norse legend. All-Star Squadron #22 reveals that Hawkman’s hammer was actually created by an “Elder Race” that has long since disappeared from the face of the Earth in a retcon.

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However, that doesn’t mean a member of the Justice League wasn’t still adorning Mjolnir long before the Thor we know today debuted in Marvel’s pages. Mystery Journey #83. The 1944 issue Flash Comics #51 featuring a story titled “The Saga of Sven Scarface” by Gardner Fox and Martin Naydel. In this story, Jay Garrick’s Flash will be seen wielding the truly legendary hammer (spelled “Mjolnar” in the story) in a battle with a Viking warrior named Sven Scarface. Ironically enough, a separate story in the same comics stars Hawkman, that man who would have been the first superhero to hold Mjolnir if not for the retcon.

Jay Garrick’s Flash used Mjolnir Before Thor

Flash Comics #51

Flash Mjolnir

Jay Garrick has always been portrayed as the perfect superhero. From the beginning of his superhero career to his adulthood, Jay Garrick has always been portrayed as brave, honorable, deadly serious in his approach, honest, responsible, and above all, unquestionably pure. Not only does he exhibit the best qualities of a hero, but he is the perfect personification of the Golden Age era while simultaneously welcoming the new generation.

Compared to most members of the Justice League, Garrick is a no-brainer candidate to be worthy enough to wield Mjolnir. His qualities are even more impressive in retrospect considering that Jay Garrick was able to handle Mjolnir it took a long time to become Thor himself—even at Marvel Thor—which features him as one of the Justice League more underrated member.

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