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This TikTok parent shared an ingenious method to get kids to wear unwanted clothes: just put a Pokemon on them!

Katy-Robin Garton (@katyrobinbird) is a parent and TikToker whose kids are starting to reach the age where they have preferences in what they wear, which can make shopping for clothes difficult.

Luckily, Katie-Robin recently came up with a way to get her kids to wear clothes they don’t like, and it’s a real game-changer: she ironed a patch of her kids’ favorite characters on the clothes and voila! Suddenly they love them!

The video opens with Katie-Robin standing in her kitchen with a red jacket spread out on the counter in front of her. Mom has put a towel on the jacket and is ironing a small part of the towel. “What are you doing?” Cathy-Robin’s husband asks, approaching his wife.

“Elliott is getting more and more careful about what he wears,” explains Cathy-Robin as she continues to iron. “I bought him this jacket and he won’t wear it.”

Katie-Robin then reveals that she ironed the Pikachu patch on her jacket. “I went online and got a Pikachu patch,” she explains. “Because if it has Pikachu on it, he’ll love it.”

“Put it on Pikachu!” Katie-Robin’s husband jokes.

Katie-Robin laughs and continues ironing. “I actually bought a pack of 20 Pokémon patches,” Mom admits. “Anything he doesn’t wear that I want, I’ll just put a pokemon on it.”

But that’s not all! Katie-Robin reveals what she bought too My little pony patches for my daughter! “I wish someone had told me that years ago!” Katie-Robin exclaims.

The video ends with Katie-Robin’s husband zooming in on the finished Pikachu patch. “It looks pretty good,” says Cathy-Robin.

Viewers applauded the genius hack and shared similar parenting hacks of their own.

“I saw a woman bet Song patrol stickers on her food bags so her toddler would eat “special”. Song patrol food,” one viewer shared.

“We need to patch them all up!” another viewer joked.

“It’s absolutely brilliant. Whoever wrote the parenting guide please add this immediately,” another TikToker commented.

Getting the kids to wear the clothes you choose can be difficult, but when in doubt, just put Pikachu on them!

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