A New LLC Registered by Marvel Fuels ‘World War Hulk’ Speculation | Popgen Tech


Rumors of an MCU World War Hulk the film was developed over many years. The comic arc of the same name is generally considered one of the greatest modern Hulk stories, showing the green giant angrier than ever, and out for revenge against almost every character in the Marvel universe.

The elements appear from running Thor: Ragnarokbut Marvel Studios never developed a solo Hulk film since 2008 due to a rights issue with Universal Pictures. That situation may or may not end soon, leaving Marvel open to bringing Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk story to a barnstorming conclusion.

Now, one small piece of evidence may indicate that World War Hulk is actually in development. According to The Cosmic Circus, Marvel Studios has registered Shadowstone Productions as a limited company for an unknown project. In the Marvel comics, the Shadow-Stone is the mineral used to make a major ship in World War Hulk story, thus acting as a loose reference to the story.

If this is true, fans will finally get the return of the ‘Savage’ Hulk which has not been seen in the MCU since Ragnarok (and even there he is more in control of his actions than the The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers). Ruffalo has hinted that he’ll play the character as long as he’s with Kevin Feige, but if he wants a literal blockbusting finale to his MCU saga, this would be the perfect way to go out.

Let’s hope for more details on this soon, as we’ve been craving some proper ‘Hulk Smash’ action for a long time. The Smart Hulk is fun enough, but we have to be reminded that we really don’t like him when he’s angry.


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