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One of the best Avengers is often overlooked in the Marvel universe, but in a new world without his wife, he is finally allowed to shine.

There have been several characters who have taken up the mantle of Captain Marvelbut the Wasp is not only the most overlooked and forgotten candidate, but also the most suitable for the role. The name Captain Marvel first originated with the character of Mar-Vell, the original bearer of the mantle. He was then succeeded by Monica Rambeau, a fact often forgotten even by diehard Captain Marvel fans who could be mistaken for an Air Force officer next in line after the original. Less notable (but nonetheless significant) names to take up the mantle later are Genis-Vell, Phyla-Vell, Khn’nr, and Noh-Varr.


Eventually, the most popular and current version of Captain Marvel seen in the main continuity would come in the form of Carol Danvers. Arguably, the most underrated version of Captain Marvel doesn’t come from current continuity, or the main Marvel Universe. It’s also a fellow Avenger that few would expect to take up the mantle: Janet van Dyne, better known to readers as the Wasp.

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The 2013 issue Age of Ultron #7 by Brian Michael Bendis, Brandon Peterson, and Carlos Pacheco shows what the world would look like if Wolverine killed Hank Pym before he created Ultron. As a result, many remarkable changes were made in the world. One of the bigger changes is that Janet van Dyne is Captain Marvel. However, his run was short-lived, as the former Wasp was killed off in the next issue. However, the fact that this happened in the first place speaks to how underutilized and underappreciated the Wasp is both from a fan perspective and more so from a character perspective.

An Underrated Hero Finally Reaches His Potential

Age of Ultron #7

The Wasp, despite being someone who has led the Avengers and stopped major threats on her own in the past, continues to be left out of conversations that would place her among the greatest heroes Marvel has to offer. Then again, from a character standpoint, that’s almost apropos for a hero who’s often stuck in his wife’s shadow. The abuse Janet suffered at the hands of Hank Pym has been well documented, but an overlooked fact is how their co-dependent relationship often forces Janet to be relegated to Hank’s background.

She was missed because most of her role in the Marvel Universe was unfortunately defined by her time with Hank rather than her solo adventures as the Wasp. However, in a world where Hank is no longer alive, Janet is able to reach her full potential, which is clearly high enough to place her as a cosmic hero. It’s a discovery that manages to be both validating and bittersweet for her character. The Wasp may be downplayed in the main continuity, but without her husband, Janet has the ability to become a prominent character who opposes the officer Captain Marvel.

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