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One of the most recognizable new faces introduced to Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse is the cinematic debut of Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman. Played by Issa Rae, Jessica made an explosive debut in the trailer and seems all set to play a pivotal role in the film. However, not much is known about his role at the moment, as little has been revealed about the film’s plot.

But a look at Jessica Drew’s costume — and her pregnancy — in the movie’s new trailer may give fans an idea of ​​how the movie will handle her character. The overall look of the character and the unique choice of costume indicate that the cinematic version of Spider-Woman is taking cues from the best era for the character.

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The Best Spider-Woman Era Came Decades After Her Debut

Spider-Woman Pregnant Jessica Drew

Jessica Drew’s comic book history is complicated, even when compared to other superheroes. His origin and place in the Marvel Universe have changed repeatedly over the years. Originally introduced as a brainwashed Hydra agent with little connection to Spider-Man, Spider-Woman eventually breaks free of its control and becomes an ally of heroes like the Avengers. While he retires from his costumed identity to become a private investigator, he is eventually dragged back into the world of superheroics after being captured and replaced by the Skrull Queen Veranke. Jessica wandered around the universe until she decided to continue her role as a private investigator — without giving up her role as Spider-Woman.

After surviving the events of Spider-Verse, Spider Woman #5 (by Dennis Hopeless, Javier Rodriguez, Álvaro López, and Travis Lanham) Jessica wears a new costume, the first major redesign of her superhero suit since her inception. This time for Jessica has seen her settle down and have a baby boy named Gerry, develop a surprising romance with a former villain, Porcupine, and work with Ben Urich to solve mysteries. Bolstered by Hopeless’ scripts and Rodriguez’s amazing art, this season of Spider Woman is an obvious development for the character, she is based in New York City and focuses more on her personality and personal life. It was a happy time for the character and it was one Beyond the Spider-Verse seems to take cues from.

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Beyond the Spider-Verse References Marvel’s Modern Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew in Across the Spider-Verse

Issa Rae’s version of Jessica Drew briefly appeared in the trailer for Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse. He arrives on the scene in costume and riding a motorcycle. While elements of the character are unique to the cinematic version — including his ethnicity and apparent ability to shoot webs from his hands — his costume is clearly inspired by his modern design. The goggles around the eyes are similar, and they both have the same stylized spider symbol on their jackets. She was also pregnant — remembered the beginning of Spider-Woman’s volume six, which finds Jessica nine months pregnant with Gerry.

All this suggests that the film will adapt the modern version of Jessica, which is a promising revelation. His entire history in the Marvel Universe is somewhat complicated, but his current place as a more straightforward mystery-solving hero fits perfectly with the previous film’s tendency to streamline the alternate universe Spider-Men and Spider-Women for moviegoers.


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