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Allianz PNB Life’s commitment to sustainability extends further into health and wellness through its recent partnership with Saddle Row. It is a boutique fitness studio that develops indoor workouts suitable for clients, such as cycling, rowing, and other modalities. The two organizations signed a memorandum of understanding last November 14, 2022.

The President and CEO of Allianz PNB Life Alexander Grenz and Chief Marketing Officer Gino Riola were present at the signing. Representing Saddle Row was Founder and President Jammy Honrado and Head of Corporate Sales Ting Joson.

“For Allianz PNB Life, this is more than just a partnership. We really want to pursue sustainability through physical and mental well-being, so what we’re doing is we’re looking at like-minded organizations like Saddle Row,” says Riola. “Sustainability is incredibly important to us. It’s not just about taking care of the environment, like what everyone is familiar with. It’s about making choices that secure your future and that of the next generations, so health and wellness is also part of that.”

“We just felt that both brands have the same vision and mission, which is to give everyone a better life,” adds Honrado. “We both aim to promote sustainable lifestyles, so we thought we would complement each other.”

According to Honrado, Saddle Row focuses on developing workouts that are sustainable, with the goal of helping clients set and achieve goals for the day. “It’s not everyday where we all feel like going to a hard training session,” she explains. “From our range of classes, there are different intensities and different types of movements, such as yoga to cycling or rowing, and you can choose from that. So it’s about getting to know yourself, what you really enjoy, and what’s sustainable for you in terms of maintaining your health.”

This aligns perfectly with Allianz PNB Life’s vision of sustainability and future-proofing. The partnership has similarities with Ride Safe, the company’s existing sustainable transport campaign. Just as Saddle Row supports the development of a sustainable yet healthy lifestyle through movement and exercise such as indoor cycling, Allianz PNB Life encourages Filipinos to do the same by pursuing physical activities such as cycling through Ride Safe.

Through the partnership, Allianz PNB Life and Saddle Row will be able to advance their vision of sustainability. “Saddle Row customers are similar to Allianz PNB Life. They are both concerned about their health and are taking active steps to ensure it is protected,” shares Riola. “Together with Saddle Row, we are exposing their customers to the benefits of life and health insurance. It is not enough that one is working on their health goals; they also need protection, which is what Allianz PNB Life provides.”

“We believe we complement Allianz PNB Life in a way that we are helping them promote a better and healthier lifestyle for their customers as well,” adds Honrado. “It’s not just about not getting sick, it’s not just preventive…it’s about ‘how can this protection be part of my life?’ I think that is why Allianz PNB Life feels we are a good match. It’s because we foresee the problems that people can develop if they don’t seek health and wellness, and we’re here to help them before it happens.”

The PNB Life Alliance and Saddle Row are kicking off the partnership with a Christmas Challenge Card, which will run from 14 November to 31 December. The challengers will be tasked with collecting the stamps on their challenge card by attending the classes as stated on it. The first 50 participants to complete their card will be awarded P500 worth of Sodexo gift certificates, and all challengers will be eligible for a raffle sponsored by Allianz PNB Life.

In terms of other plans for the partnership, Allianz PNB Life and Saddle Row are also looking at classes sponsored by Allianz PNB Life, where the importance of insurance will be shared and discussed with the participants. A Life Changer agent will also be available for consultation to Saddle Row customers who are interested in Allianz PNB Life insurance offerings.

“We are delighted to be partnering with an organization that shares the same values ​​as us,” says Grenz. “There is so much we can do together, so many opportunities in terms of growing our customer base and generating awareness for our brand and promotion that are opening up for us through this. We are certainly looking forward to what this partnership with Saddle Row has in store for us in the future.”

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