Assam Opposition Raises Mizoram Invasion Question In Assembly; Discharge Stage | Popgen Tech


The opposition Congress, CPI(M) and the lone Independent MLA staged a walkout in the Assam Assembly on Tuesday for refusing to discuss an adjournment motion on Mizoram allegedly occupying a government school in Cachar district.

Leader of the Opposition Debabrata Saikia of Congress moved the adjournment motion to discuss the matter, which got support from CPI(M) and Independent MP Akhil Gogoi, but Speaker Biswajit Daimary refused a discussion by adjourning the day’s business .

“It is an Assam government school, which was destroyed in the bombing by miscreants from Mizoram in 2020. Now a Mizo school has been opened in the same building. How could this happen when neutral central forces were guarding it ?” Saikia asked.

The neighboring state has not contained the situation in Dholai area of ​​Cachar district despite ministerial level talks on the ongoing border dispute and the CMs of both states giving declarations of peace, it was alleged.

“We want to discuss this case. We want our land and we cannot surrender like this. We bring acts, but how will we implement these if we do not have our land? It is a definite question of urgency ,” the Congress MLA insisted.

When Daimary rejected the request, he said that he had examined the adjournment notice and accepted that it was an important topic.

“We can discuss this through other devices such as Zero Hour or Cut Motion. For this, postponing all the work of the day is not required,” he added.

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Pijush Hazarika, also supported the Speaker and appealed to the opposition members to discuss the subject at another time.

On this, the Congress, CPI(M) and Independent MLAs started shouting with their demands and went to the House of Commons.
They also displayed placards and some paper cuttings on the alleged violation of the Assam school.
With the Speaker deciding to move forward to the next item on the agenda of the day, the opposition members staged a walkout after being in the Well of the House for about 10 minutes.


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