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The New Line Railway Bairabi-Sairang project to connect the Northeast state of Mizoram with the rest of the country is one such project that is likely to be completed soon.

This project once completed will mark the dawn of a new era in terms of communication and trade, in the North-East region of the country especially Mizoram. The Bairabi – Sairang project aimed to create an additional 51.38 km of railway in Northeast India.

The New Line Railway Bairabi-Sairang project consists of 55 bridges requiring about 42000 MT of steel to be manufactured, transported and erected. A record 35000 MT of steel has been manufactured in the last 14 months and approximately 30000 MT has been transported to various work sites. Transportation of fabricated girders to bridge sites across various bridge sites is a very difficult and challenging task which is being done with 24-24 round the clock deployment of trailers and heavy vehicles to help in sharp curves in narrow mountain roads and pull/push in the steepest gradation of these trailers. .

Railways has declared construction of steel beams as the critical activity of the project. Despite the cold nights and remote areas, the work is being done 24 x 7 to speed up the progress. Although there are many challenges in the execution of this project such as very less working season due to very heavy and prolonged monsoon, very difficult and hilly terrain in deep forest, poor accessibility, non-availability of construction materials and skilled labor in Mizoram etc., Northeast. Frontier Railway is making every effort to fulfill its commitment in the first commissioning of the project. Work at all project sites is going on even in night shift.

Railways added and its completion, tourism and socio-economic development of the state and the region will get a much needed boost. When the project will be operational, it will be important to connect Mizoram with the rail network. The people of the region will get long distance access across the country and can provide uninterrupted supply of essential commodities to Mizoram to meet the needs of the people.


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