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Hailakandi, Dec 20: The Bairabi-Sairang Railway New Line project to connect Mizoram via Hailakandi district in South Assam’s Barak Valley with the rest of the country is likely to be completed soon, an official of NF Railway informed on Monday.

Once completed, communication will be easier in the hilly areas, particularly in Mizoram. Sairang is about 21 kilometers from Mizoram’s capital Aizawl and more than 150 kilometers from Hailakandi.

The Bairabi – Sairang project aimed to create an additional 51.38 km of railway in Northeast India.

Currently, only one passenger train with a few compartments runs from Bairabi to Silchar via Hailakandi in the morning and back in the evening every day. The vegetables and other forest materials are transported from Mizoram and Hailakandi through this railway.

Official added.

A record 35000 MT of steel has been manufactured in the last 14 months and approximately 30000 MT has been transported to various work sites.

“Transportation of manufactured girders to bridge sites across various bridge sites is a very difficult and challenging task that is being done with the 24-24 round-the-clock deployment of trailers and heavy vehicles to help with sharp curves in narrow mountain roads and pulling and pushing in these steeper slopes. trailers”, the official added.

The workers are facing a difficult situation due to its hilly terrain and forests, which are not available in skilled labor and materials, the work will be in night shifts as well, officials claimed and hoped that the scenic beauty and other resources of Mizoram and parts south of Hailakandi. district in Barak Valley, the tourism sector will be strengthened after the start of long-distance train in this sector and will also meet the needs of the people in the area.


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