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After several failed reboots, the MCU is trying to revive the comics. But to succeed, they need to avoid past mistakes.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to try to reboot the Fantastic Four but again but to get it back, they have to learn from some important mistakes. The Fantastic Four is a superhero group introduced to Marvel Comics in the 1960s and remains one of the most popular character groups to this day among comic book fans. Unfortunately, the on-screen adaptations of the gang did not do justice to the stories and were poorly received by critics and general audiences.


As the MCU prepares to hopefully breathe new life into a story that audiences have seen before and (generally) have a negative association with, they’ll have a big hurdle ahead of them. While some films have been remade but still find success, such as the various adaptations of Spider-Man, so far Fantastic Four did not find the same cinematic success. Despite the shortcomings of previous adaptations, the MCU has an amazing track record and a loyal fan base, so if they correct these four mistakes, the upcoming film has a real shot at being a smash success. .

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CGI Should Be Great

The Fantastic Four Thing

The MCU has recently taken heat for special effects and subpar CGI. In Fantastic Four it’s more important that the MCU nail their CGI to create compelling visuals, especially for Reed Richards and The Thing. In previous Fantastic Four films, CGI has easily been one of the film’s biggest detriments and the MCU is clearly capable of pulling off amazing effects. This isn’t just a chance for the MCU to redeem itself with just CGI and special effects, but it’s going to be a powerful tool to help set up what’s next. Fantastic Four separately.

Ben Grimm’s The Thing is made of a rock-like substance, which is difficult to translate to the screen, but Marvel seems to have nailed it with characters like Korg in the 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. They could easily use the same effects to finally make The Thing more realistic. They also briefly discussed the power of Reed Richards with the John Krasinski version Doctor Strange 2. Stretching the human body seems very difficult to do, even with CGI because there is an impossible barrier to making something completely unrealistic still human. Hopefully Marvel Studios will at least recognize this issue and find ways to improve the screen effect.

Doom Needs A Place To Shine… Or To Be Cut Off Completely

Doctor Doom MCU Namor Avengers Secret Wars

Granted, villains have never been the MCU’s strong suit. However, if they’re hoping to save a movie that’s been rebooted so many times already, they’re going to have to knock it out of the park when it comes to the villain to fight in The Fantastic Four. Doctor Doom is reportedly not the villain of the upcoming film, although this has not been officially confirmed. Doom is one of the most compelling and interesting villains in comics, but unfortunately, he hasn’t been done well. Notably, Toby Kebbel’s portrayal of the character in 2015 was particularly weak, and many critics believed it to be one of the worst comic book adaptations of all time.

If the MCU chooses to bring back the infamous villain for the upcoming film, he’ll need a well-written script and perfect cast. However, Marvel could choose to go a different route and cut Victor Von Doom entirely. A mistake each Fantastic Four The reboot so far has been keeping the same villain with nothing new or exciting to add. But in the comics, the Fantastic Four often fought Namor, the main antagonist who recently debuted in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Choosing to adapt a Namor storyline could be new and exciting for audiences and keep the crossover storylines that moviegoers love in the MCU.

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It Doesn’t Have to Be an Origin Story

fantastic four mcu reed richards

While not everyone saw each other Fantastic Four movie, there are many moviegoers and superhero fans. It’s hard for any franchise to reboot the same story over and over because audiences can quickly tire of the stories they already know and with the last reboot being as recently as 2015, the MCU certainly doesn’t have to. created another origin story for The Fantastic Four. Some argue that the team hasn’t gotten the origin story right because none of their previous films have been successful and that skipping The Fantastic Four origin story was a mistake, but regardless if it was done well or not the story has been told.

Even Kevin Feige himself has strongly hinted that it will be next Fantastic Four will not be an origin story. Audiences already know what’s going to happen, more or less, so skipping an origin story could bode well for the upcoming film. The MCU could easily repeat its approach to Spider-Man by providing a new and fresh story that provides context to the origin when needed but doesn’t repeat the tired storyline.

Sue Storm Needs To Be More Than Reed’s Girlfriend

Marvel Comics' scariest hero revealed.

Sue Storm is a wonderful and powerful character who is not given the screen time she deserves. As the only female member of The Fantastic Four, she has never been portrayed in a way that emphasizes all that her character is capable of or even given much personality. Especially in Jessica Alba’s portrayal, she was often relegated to Reed’s girlfriend in more of a supporting role rather than a superhero in her own right.

Marvel is working hard to bring the dynamic, complex female superhero to the big screen, and give Sue Storm a bigger role in the Fantastic Four could be another way for them to increase the likelihood that this will be a successful film. In the comics, Namor and Sue Storm developed a romantic relationship that begins with Namor’s villain in the hero’s story arc, so if the MCU chooses Namor as the villain in this adaptation it would definitely be a new twist for the character of Sue that has never been explored before. It remains to be seen what the MCU has in store for the latest reboot, but audiences remain hopeful that they will learn from past mistakes to finally bring The Fantastic Four of life.

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