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Black Panther was once a loved and respected king – but Marvel now says that wasn’t the case, and he’s always been a feared dictator.

Warning: SPOILERS for Black Panther #12to Marvel Black Panther, known for decades as a king and benevolent king, is now seen as a tyrannical dictator – and the company indicates that this has always been the case. T’Challa has a long history in the comics spanning over 50 years; from his first appearance in Fantastic Four series in the more recent Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda, Black Panther stories are loved by readers. Unfortunately, Black Panther #12 shows exactly what Marvel thinks of one of its main characters, and fans are not happy.


Black Panther has always been a popular character, but the superhero is experiencing a huge increase in awareness in the 2018’s. Black Panther movies in the MCU. In the comics, T’Challa has been the protagonist of many new ones Black Panther series, including a space opera story in which Black Panther discovers isolated Wakandans (displaced in space and time) establish the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda. But in recent stories, Wakandans and outsiders alike have been asking one question over and over again: is maintaining a monarchy with a single leader the best possible system of government for the country — and if not, what to do with T ‘Challa?

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In Black Panther #12, written by John Ridley with art by German Peralta, one of T’Challa’s allies betrays him in the worst possible way. T’Challa has placed spies all over the world, ready to act at a moment’s notice; one of those spies, Jhai, faked his death because he knew T’Challa would remember the other spies. This inadvertently plunged Wakanda into a civil war, and all the blame lies at T’Challa’s feet. After confronting Jhai, T’Challa spends the rest of the issue trying to gather allies for the coming fight, and each one of them wears him down a lot – and Gentle, in particular, suggests that T’ Challa was a dictator from the start.

Marvel Retcons Black Panther’s Peaceful Reign As King into A Dictatorship

Black Panther talks to Gentle

T’Challa has always been loved by his people, and those who oppose him are the exception rather than the norm. But cracks began to appear in the facade in the 90s, with Hunter (Black Panther’s white adoptive brother) leading the Wakandan Secret Police: a faction that had never been mentioned before. In modern times, kings and absolute monarchs are not looked upon favorably, and this includes Black Panther. John Ridley’s run saw Wakanda destabilized, T’Challa separated from his friends and even dethroned and the Avengers – and it appears that the vast majority of Wakandan citizens lost faith in him long ago.

From a Western perspective, kings are considered incompetent, out of touch, fighting invaders, or all of the above. T’Challa has always been portrayed as a brilliant, compassionate and dutiful superhero and leader who always puts his people before himself. But in 2022, Marvel will make its readers believe Black Panther was a terrible king to begin with – erasing decades of stories in the process.

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