Bridgeport woman hosts holiday giveaway of food, clothes and gifts for community that helped her after house fire | Popgen Tech


A Bridgeport woman whose home burned down more than a decade ago is paying it forward this holiday season by giving to the community that helped her rebuild her home.

“God has really blessed me since I’ve been here,” said Hollister Avenue resident Gloria Brown.

More than a decade ago, the community came to her rescue and helped rebuild her home when it burned down. Now she hopes the gift giving will show her gratitude.

“The more you give, you don’t necessarily get all the time, but if you give from the heart, then God will come back and bless you. It may not be about money or clothes, but maybe be healthy,” she said.

Brown says the main purpose of the holiday gift giving is to ensure the health and happiness of the community it serves.

“It’s cold here today, so we’re trying to reward the community and help them by giving them something to keep them warm,” she said. “When I see someone smile or someone cry, it makes me feel good. that I have reached someone.”


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