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Captain Marvel just admitted which power in the Marvel Universe he hates the most, and for fans of the hero, the answer shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Spoilers for Marvel Comics’ Captain Marvel #44While Captain Marvel is one of the strongest and most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe; he hates one of his fellow heroes’ powers more than any other. In Captain Marvel #44 of Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers admits that there are few feelings worse than being drained by Rogue’s powers. Considering Captain Marvel’s dark history with the mutant hero, it’s an understandable reaction to re-experiencing the X-Men’s power-stealing abilities.


Rogue’s power is very unique to the Marvel Universe, as the longtime X-Men can steal the powers, memories, and physical attributes of anyone she touches. In his debut appearance in Annual Avengers #10, Rogue steals Captain Marvel’s powers and memories, which greatly affects Carol Danvers as she loses her identity and struggles to regain it. While Captain Marvel has moved on from the incident, a new confrontation with Rogue reminds him how much he hates mutant powers, as he says there aren’t many feelings worse than being affected by his abilities. .

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In Captain Marvel #44 by Kelly Thompson, Sergio Davila, Sean Parsons, Arif Prianto, and Clayton Cowles of VC from Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers heads into space with the X-Men, Hazmat, and Spider-Woman after receiving calls to anxiety from Binary and Rogue. However, upon encountering Rogue half-transformed into a Brood, Captain Marvel is forced to confront the hero who once stole his powers. As he tries to remove the mutant/Brood combination and is struck by his powers, he admits how much he really hates Rogue’s power-stealing abilities, as the feeling of understanding them again annoys Danvers.

Captain Marvel Best Hates Rogue Powers For Good Reason

Captain Marvel Rogue Powers

While Captain Marvel declares that she has overcome her Rogue issues, being struck by the same power that once made her lose her identity has apparently triggered horrible memories for the hero. Captain Marvel admits that he is “highly biased” that “if there’s a feeling worse than being drained by Rogue’s power, I don’t know what it is.” It’s a fair reaction considering all she’s gone through with the villain-turned-hero-turned-Brood.

Unfortunately for Captain Marvel, his battle with the transformed Rogue is far from over, as, by the end of the issue, all the heroes who went on the rescue mission are trapped by the Brood. So it’s likely that Carol Danvers will have to continue to deal with one of her worst traumas and, once again, face the powers of Rogue – the one she hates the most in the Marvel Universe – to get out of a dangerous situation. Captain Marvel #44 of Marvel Comics is in comic book stores now.

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