Chynna Mamawal opens the first CASA clothing store in PH | Popgen Tech


THIS December, fashion designer Chinna Mamawal opens CASA, her first of many casual stores in Isetan, Recta, where her unique take on design focuses on trendier casual wear for men and women.

CASA is a Filipino clothing brand that offers quality and stylish casual wear for men and women.

China believes that, “Fashion should not be very, very exclusive. I want every Filipino to be fashionable, regardless of the price tag. That’s why I’m starting CASA. CASA is casual wear. But remember, it’s not just casual wear clothes. These are casual clothes with my distinct design aesthetic. Usually, clothing stores come up with generic designs for their market. You have no idea who designed them. But CASA’s outfits have my distinct design aesthetic. I want to see my designs worn by every Filipino , and I want us all to look great. At the end of the day, it’s all about ‘who’ you wear, ‘how’ you wear it, and ‘why’ you wear it. I want the world to see, ” Oh, Filipinos are so fashionable even in their casual clothes!”

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Currently, China Mamawal, one of the most influential fashion designers in the Philippines, stands out as a young female entrepreneur who champions the philosophy of “fashion for all”. Hers is perhaps the defining fashion story of the current generation, which even survived the pandemic. Closing up shop was not an option. She continued to design at a very high level despite the difficulties and uncertainties of the times.


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