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The web-slinging hero Spider-Man has seen dozens of video game appearances over the years, with his latest being Marvel’s Midnight Suns. As one of Marvel’s most popular heroes, Spider-Man has become a prominent figure in various pop culture media and there have been many interpretations of the character as a result. But the version of Peter Parker players will recognize in Midnight Suns is most similar to Insomniac’s incarnation from its 2018 game, Marvel’s Spider-Man.


While there are some obvious similarities between the two, many players will find differences in these versions of Spider-Man due to the character’s somewhat different backgrounds. In tone, the same Midnight Suns and Marvel’s Spider-Man are typical superhero adventures with moments of levity between dramatic action sequences. However, the way in which the two Peter Parkers react in these moments shows the differences in their characters and the scope in which Spider-Man as a character gives the writers. Since Marvel’s Spider-Man 2With a Fall 2023 release window on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how Insomniac develops the character further and if it draws any inspiration from Spider-Man’s Midnight Suns.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Lean into Peter Parker’s Dorky Side

Midnight Suns Spider-Man

The voice of actor Yuri Lowenthal has become an expectation when playing a game featuring Spider-Man, as the actor has voiced the character in many games, including both of these recent titles. While this gives players of both games a sense of familiarity, there is some dissonance when it comes to what players expect Lowenthal’s Spider-Man to play. It is particularly annoying to leave from playing Marvel’s Spider-Man where Peter is older and more mature Midnight Suns where he still has a naive immaturity in his personality.

The Peter Parker of Midnight Suns is a younger incarnation of the character, stating that he is currently a college student attending Empire State University when not fighting crime on the streets of New York or helping the Midnight Suns stop the reign of of Lilith’s terror. Despite having less experience as Spider-Man than other versions of the hero, he was still able to fight some iconic villains from his rogues gallery. Besides Venom—who appears as an enemy in Midnight Suns—Peter also references his conflicts with some of Spider-Man’s other most notorious enemies such as Kraven the Hunter and the Green Goblin.

When not fighting Lilith’s army of Hydra minions, Peter can be found around the Abbey where the player can talk or hang out with him during downtime. These interactions help reveal more about Peter’s character, such as his initial caution against revealing his identity for fear of endangering his friends and family. His reluctance to reveal his true identity to his allies upon first arriving at the Abbey shows his inexperience as a hero as the other Midnight Suns and Avengers advise him that it’s not worth trying to keep the secret from them. his identity.

Peter’s awkward and brooding side comes when the player chooses to spend time doing a Hangout activity with him. His favorite activities—which give him the most friendship points—are those of a typical college student and include playing video games, watching movies, and exercising. He seems more concerned with cracking jokes for his teammates and maintaining team harmony than with interpersonal conflicts. His innovative nature still comes from the time he spent working in the Shop with Robbie and Tony, creating useful gadgets from blueprints the player brings to the Shop Class.

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Insomniac Gives Peter Parker a More Mature Side


Despite still being voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, Spider-Man from the Insomniac series seems to be more seasoned when it comes to fighting crime and has a more settled social life outside of his duties as a hero. He’s obviously faced his fair share of classic villains, including Electro, Scorpion, Rhino, Vulture, Kingpin, Shocker, and Doctor Octopus. Although he has yet to face some of the same enemies as Spider-Man Midnight Suns is, Venom’s teasing at Spider-Man 2 and the high probability of a Green Goblin appearance in the same game could change that.

The Peter of Marvel’s Spider-Man is older than him Midnight Suns counterpart graduated from Empire State University with a degree in biophysics and continues to work with Dr. Otto Octavius ​​as an assistant in his research on advanced prosthetic limb technology. Although he has the same scientific genius as his counterpart, the Peter of this game had more of an opportunity to build a career around it. This creativity still finds its way into the gameplay, however, as Peter is able to create new gadgets to use in battle as Spider-Man.

Peter also shows maturity in his interpersonal relationships throughout Insomniac’s game, more so than the version of the character created by Firaxis. He helps his Aunt May with her work at the homeless shelter FEAST, providing additional service to his community beyond fighting crime as Spider-Man. He also has to navigate the complicated relationship he has with his ex-girlfriend Mary Jane Watson while also serving as a mentor to fellow web-slinger Miles Morales. The story arcs surrounding these characters add depth to Peter’s personal life and establish a persona that goes beyond what players expect Spider-Man to be.

Coming soon Spider-Man 2 slated for release next year, there will be an opportunity for more development of Insomniac’s Peter Parker that will likely further separate him from the character that will appear in Midnight Suns. Although the core of the character is in both iterations, the focus of the character is clearly specific Marvel’s Spider-Man allowing for a more nuanced take on Spider-Man’s story and character. Being relegated to a member of a wide cast of characters makes it harder for him to stand out from the crowd in Midnight Sunsbut the addition of the relationship building mechanics present in the game helps to strengthen the depth of his character quite a bit.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, with PS4, Switch, and Xbox One versions coming later.

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