Data: US homes use 123% more data per month than Europe | Popgen Tech


Data insights from the Plume Cloud reveal that broadband network performance is improving, the number of cyber threats is growing exponentially, and Google is winning the battle for the brands with households adding more connected devices than Apple.

Plume IQ explores the key trends in Plume-powered smart homes in 2022 (November 1, 2021 to November 30) across the areas of connected device popularity, network performance, cybersecurity, data usage and brand loyalty:

  1. Americans love connected devices: The US leads Europe with 31 percent more devices connected to their home networks.
  2. Infrastructure is getting better: Networks are improving, and at similar rates, in both the US and Europe with a 24 percent and 20 percent increase in Internet download speeds respectively.
  3. Cyber ​​threats have grown exponentially: Possibly a reflection of the situation in Ukraine, global inflation and economic headwinds, the number of threats blocked by Plume increased by 162 percent and 168 percent in both the US and Europe, respectively.
  4. Big Data: American households consumed an average of 123 percent more data per month than European households (794 GB per month versus 356 GB). The most notable category for increased data consumption was streaming devices (set-top boxes up 9.2 percent, smart TVs up 13.9 percent), but use of exercise bikes – the star of 2021 – fell 40.7 percent.
  5. Battle of the Brands: Google added more devices than Apple over the period, 16 percent and 10 percent, respectively. At the category level, lifestyle and IoT devices grew faster compared to other device types with smart speakers 30 percent, e-readers 33 percent and smart light bulbs 30 percent.

“Our latest Plume IQ study reveals how smart homes are evolving,” said David Huynh, Chief Product Officer at Plume. “We are seeing the benefits of government and private network investment with internet download speeds increasing significantly, and on Plume-powered networks device usage growing exponentially with significant increases in data consumption, cyber security is one area that service providers need to prioritize for investment in 2023, as we have seen that the number of cyber threats blocked increased massively – by 162 percent in the US and 167 percent in Europe.


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