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In DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #6, Vampire Superman goes on a rampage terrifyingly similar to Marvel’s most graphic death.

In DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War, fans learned about one of DC’s bloodiest battles. Nightwing’s fearsome vampire legion has taken over the world, but with this spinoff, Deathstroke’s squad is taking some chances in finding solutions to bring down the empire. Unfortunately, they lost the Weather Wizard, who was supposed to bring back sunlight to bring down the bloodsuckers.

However, they have Mary Marvel on their side, although she is distraught over having to kill Billy Batson, another hero turned upside down. That may seem like a victory, but it invites Billy’s dark master, Superman (Baron Cinder), to come for revenge, as he considers Shazam his son. Finally, it leads to a brutal battle in issue #6 (by Matthew Rosenberg, Alex Paknadel, Pasquale Qualano, Nicola Righi and Troy Peteri), and it’s one that compliments Marvel’s sickest kills, but with an enhanced twist.

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Superman remixes Marvel’s Ares’ Sentry Ripping

DC vs.  Vampires have Superman ripping Midnighter up

At Marvel’s It’s dark to reign, Norman Osborn leads the Dark Avengers against New Asgard. The siege storyline saw his God of War, Ares, flip on the squad, only for Sentry to come to play. As Norman’s puppet, Sentry pulls no punches, leading to his horrific but iconic sequence where he cuts Ares in half for being a traitor. It was guts galore, and one of the publisher’s scariest moments.

In All-out War, Superman mimics this, but is gutless when he comes to kill Mary. Midnighter rushes at him but the evil Kal-El quickly grabs him and rips him in half as well. Admittedly, it didn’t have much of an effect on him as Midnighter would heal and wake up, due to a regenerative factor present in Wolverine’s. However, it’s not often that fans see Superman unleashed like this, unless he’s breaking out and punching villains. The Man of Steel comes back with a more brutal attack though, in the blink of an eye against another rebel.

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Superman upgrades one of Marvel’s Greatest Fatalities

The DC vs.  Vampires has Superman cutting up Booster Gold

Booster Gold interacts with Kal-El, using his powers to plant a force field in his mind. However, Superman fights back, and for a second, he screams with his eyes red. Booster is shocked, and then splits in two in a manner similar to one Mortal combat death It’s a very ugly piece of action because no one can really tell what happened until it’s too late.

Booster speaks until the moment he falls, adding to the reader’s pain. This is admittedly a more frightening way of portraying a god unleashed as it is a silent rage that inspires more fear and intimidation. In the end, it reinforces how much of a powerhouse Superman can be, how restrained he is as a hero, and why Nightwing gets a major trump card by converting him into a mindless enforcer.


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