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In an alternate future depicted in “Spider-Man: Reign” #2, New York City is subject to the Reign – a fascist police state that “protects” its citizens from “super-terrorists” and other nonsense like elected governments and freedom of the press. New York’s superheroes have been largely eliminated or run out of town, and even Spider-Man is now old and lonely, living under the delusion that his wife Mary Jane is still alive. Of all people, it was J. Jonah Jameson who snapped him out of his funk and pushed him to fight Reign’s plan to install the Webb, a latticework laser shield around the city.

Speaking of funk, Spider-Man wasn’t the only one who decided to defy Reign. Our man Antoine, the Hypno-Hustler himself, was inspired by Spider-Man. After selling mixtapes in a small store for years, he decided that if Spider-Man was really going to come back, he was going to need help — “old-school” help. Putting his “Hypno-Mix ’86” tape into his boom box, the Hypno-Hustler is back to life! Declaring that the “Godfather of funk” is coming back, he demands that Reign’s thugs shake it up. Hilariously, the soldiers start dancing and can’t stop, as the Hypno-Hustler declares, “Tonight the whole city’s gonna dance!”

Unfortunately for him, the Hypno-Hustler forgot to put in fresh batteries, and his boom box died. Angry guards shoot him, but a seed of revolution is planted.


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