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As Doctor Strange dedicates his life to magic, he breaks its rules with just one sentence–at least, the fans’ understanding of those rules.

Despite the fact that Doctor Strange is the master of the mystic arts in the Marvel Universe and therefore routinely does the impossible through seemingly inexplicable means, he completely breaks the preconceived rules of magic with just one sentence–rules he has had to follow since he has become a witch, and he does it just by explaining it.

Dr. Stephen Strange was a neurosurgeon before he suffered a severe car accident that completely destroyed the function of his hands. Since no surgery could help him, Strange looked for other methods of medicine and healing until he ended up in the mystical arts. It was strange to learn from the Ancient One, and because of his natural brilliance, he learned quickly. It wasn’t long after he began his studies as a sorcerer that Stephen earned his title as Sorcerer Supreme, and the rest is history–but with one catch. As it turns out, in all of that training and in all of his subsequent missions as the heroic Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange doesn’t use magic, nor does anyone else in the Marvel Universe–well, sort of.


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In What if? The Avengers have been disassembled by Jeff Parker and Aaron Lopresti, fans are given a look at an alternate reality within the vast multiverse, one that–like everyone What if? stories–originating from the main timeline of Earth-616. Here in What if? story, the question is: what if the Scarlet Witch didn’t act alone? Of course, this refers to the widely popular and terrifying Avengers: Disassembled storyline where Scarlet Witch orchestrates several attacks against the Avengers (resulting in the death of Scott Lang’s Ant-Man) after losing his mind following ‘death’ of his children years ago. Here in What if? story, Scarlet Witch does not act alone and instead has the support of perhaps the greatest tactician in the Marvel Universe: Captain America. With Cap’s help, Scarlet Witch’s nefarious efforts are more effectively executed and effective. However, before the Avengers realize the truth, they believe Scarlet Witch is acting alone as she did in the original storyline–leading them to seek the help of Doctor Strange to combat her magic.

Doctor Strange Reveals There Is No Difference Between Magic and Science

Doctor Strange breaks the rules of Marvel's magic.

Beast and Captain Marvel–who effectively took the lead in stopping Scarlet Witch–asked for help from Doctor Strange, who gladly agreed to offer his help after the two heroes rescued him from the clutches of a demon. As Doctor Strange casts their desired spell, Beast and Captain Marvel start talking about how powerful Wanda is with chaos magic–at which point Doctor Strange says that, essentially, there is no chaos magic, or any magic for that thing. Doctor Strange reveals that so-called ‘magic’ is simply the use of ancient symbology that shortcuts the laws of the natural world, and that reciting an incantation is no different than working out a mathematical formula.

When fans think of magic, they inevitably think of spells and mysticism that can instantly do the impossible and the inexplicable–but this issue shows Doctor Strange flipping that misconception on its head. Apparently, magic simply does what science has yet to explain–implying that, given enough time, there is no difference between spells and technology. So, when the Avengers go to Doctor Strange to ask for help in taking down Scarlet Witch (and Captain America), they get a little more than they bargained for in terms of fascinating information on the secrets of the mystic arts, as Doctor Strange completely destroyed Marvel’s previous ideas of magic in just one sentence.

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