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Popular Mechanics; Courtesy of LEGO

Who doesn’t love building a Lego set? The legendary plastic brick is the perfect toy to stimulate the imagination, pass the time, and, like a big puzzle or DIY project, feel a sense of accomplishment. And when it comes to the Marvel superfan, the amount of Lego sets to build is seemingly endless.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Wakanda warrior or a diehard Iron Man fan, chances are you’ll find a Marvel Lego set that’s right for you. For the super builders out there, we’ve rounded up the best Marvel Lego sets available on the market today. From sets inspired by Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe, to comic book callbacks that only the nerdiest can appreciate, here are some of the mightiest Lego builds on Earth.

The Best Marvel Lego Sets

What to Consider

One of the most important aspects to consider before buying any Lego set is the level of experience of the builder. Lego puts recommended ages on the box of every set it makes, making it easy for parents and adults to consider a model’s difficulty level. Lego sets recommended for ages 18+ can have a sophistication to them and are often considered display pieces. If you’re buying a set for a teenager, teen, or toddler, consider builds that cater to children’s interests. In the case of Marvel Lego sets, it helps to know the potential builder’s favorite heroes and villains.

Also, consider what you will do with these models once assembled. If you’re looking to add more variety to an existing Lego collection, whether it’s yours or a child’s, look for small and medium sets that make for great plastic additions. pile of bricks in the house. Larger sets made for display are a pain to take down after construction, and with those hefty price tags, you’ll want to display them somewhere instead of tossing them around.

How We Tested

To find the best Marvel-themed Lego sets on the market today, we scoured the internet to see what Lego currently offers, as well as what other publications recommend. We’ve taken into account user ratings on major retail websites, as well as critical reviews of each Lego build. The below Lego Marvel sets are the best builds on the market today, with consideration for various age, size, and budget recommendations.

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