Emporiom Digital retains the mandate for TCNS Clothing | Popgen Tech


Emporiom Digital will manage the brand’s end-to-end social media and influencer marketing.

Emporiom Digital retains TCNS Clothing Company Ltd for the second consecutive year.

Emporiom Digital has given the apparel mandate to TCNS, which has a portfolio of brands such as W, Wishful and Aurelia. The marketing agency will manage end-to-end social media marketing and influencer marketing.

With its vision of celebrating femininity, TCNS Clothing Co has taken on the challenge of expanding its quest to provide fashionable and contemporary fashion wear for women at a wider level. This evolution required a large-scale digital push, in which Emporiom Digital ably assisted them.

Punit Syura, Chief Marketing Officer, TCNS Clothing Co, said, “We are delighted to continue our collaboration with Emporiom Digital, a digital agency that has helped us spread our story of fashion innovation in the online ecosystem. During this partnership, we were able to showcase our exemplary work to more people through our social media channels than ever before.”

Aditi Ohri, Co-Founder/CEO, Emporiom Digital, commented, “During our successful partnership, we have delivered cutting-edge digital campaigns in the fashion industry that have increased the online presence of various brands under the umbrella of TCNS Clothing Co. With optimism and excitement, we look to the future and raise the bar even higher in terms of quality delivery and impactful content. »

Last year, the digital reach of Aurelia and W increased by 62% and 181%, respectively. While Aurelia and W’s Instagram followers have grown by 47% and 21% respectively over the past year.


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