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Christina Allen has faced many challenges while working at FamilyTime Counseling and Crisis Center in Humble, but the charity’s chief executive said on Wednesday that the cold weather is putting extra demands on them that could threaten their bottom line.

The nonprofit provides free resources to clients in crisis, such as counseling and an emergency shelter for victims of abuse.

Now the center is forced to spend money to protect its facility and customers from the frost that is forecast this weekend.

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“We still have a few spots available, but we’re almost full,” she said.

The alternative for some is sleeping in a vehicle that won’t provide enough protection, or worse, outside in the freezing cold.

“Many of the families we’ve recently taken in don’t have jackets or coats,” she said. “They literally have warm clothes.”

This forced her staff to first buy warm clothes for the children, as they were still in school, and then for the adults, she said.

“Often we receive donated clothing in the form of t-shirts or short sleeves. We really need jackets or sweatshirts,” she said.

It’s too late for the trip to collect clothing or food to help them survive this cold spot, but online monetary donations will allow them to quickly meet the need.

“We can’t always predict what our needs are, so money is our best option right now,” she said.

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As an example, she noted that this is the season for flu, strep throat, RSV and COVID.

“We have clients who, after seeing a doctor, may not have the money to get a prescription. If we have money or CVS, Walgreens or Walmart gift cards, we can use that to help them,” she explained.

Nutrition is another area of ​​concern.

“When the children are not in school, they eat more here at the facility,” she said. “We need more snacks and food to add to our pantry to help.”

Jennifer Summer Green, president of the FamilyTime board, said donations are down this year.

“I think every nonprofit in Houston and the surrounding communities really sees that. This year there were certain difficulties,” she said.

Blaming the deteriorating economy, Greene said they decided to forgo spending on the purple ribbon dinner to focus on their inaugural “Wonderful Women” banquet in March.

Green said they will be able to get through the tough times and continue to provide as many services as possible for the growing needs.

Donations of any amount are always welcome, Allen said.

“I think those who give money think, ‘If I can’t write a check for $1,000, it won’t matter.’ All those $5 and $10 donations are important to us and add up,” she said.

Allen explained that a non-profit organization can extend the power of the dollar further than the average citizen by feeding 40 customers with a $10 donation. According to the Houston Food Bank, where FamilyTime purchases much of its food, every $1 gift provides three meals a day.

Allen said donations of clothing or money can be dropped off in person at their office Thursday until 5 p.m. at 1203 South Houston Ave. at Humble. Their administrative offices will be closed until Monday and will reopen on Tuesday.

Donations can also be made online through the FamilyTime website, social media or Pay Pal.

Allen emphasized that the holiday season does not always bring good cheer and many families are going through crisis situations, but FamilyTime will help.

They have a 24-hour hotline that is always answered by consultants.

Green said their families who stay at the center won’t be able to do without it.

“We offered them many types of packages for men, women and children as Christmas gifts that included gift cards,” she said.

“We’re really looking forward to a great 2023 with a solid board and a great staff,” Green said.

To make a donation or learn more about FamilyTime Crisis and Counseling Center, visit their website at


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