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We all know that Salman Khan has his own clothing brand called Being Human and the superstar is mostly spotted wearing his own branded clothing.

Unlike many stars who want to dress in famous brands, the Dabangg the star likes to keep things simple.

Salman Khan
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Recently, an old video surfaced online where Salman can be seen talking about branded clothes and how he dresses in a simpler way so that his fans can understand him.

In an old interview with Music Indiahe was asked why fans love his look so much, to which he replied: “mujhe star ki zindagi pasand nahi hai, mai ek simple si t-shirt pehenta hoon, fati hui jeans pehenta hoon aur pata nahi kitne saal se wahi same boots ghise hue pehen raha hoon. Humare yaha income itni kam hai, parivaar itne bade hain, I can dress in famous brands but fans want to wear what I wear so I dress simple and if you have a good body the clothes really don’t matter aap jo bhi penoge it will look good.”

You can watch the whole video here:

Reacting to the old video, some of his fans seem to agree with his statement, while others troll him saying he is “pretending” to be modest.

One user wrote:Saulon Bhai is an extra person.”

Another user wrote, Wow! Kya acts kar raha hai’.

Fans react to Salman Khan's song
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Another user said “Bhai is right agar aapki bodi achi hogi then you will look good in everything”.

Salman Khan founded his Being Human Foundation in 2007, which provides education and health services to underprivileged people in India.

Later Salman even launched To be human clothing line.


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