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With new fan art, Dan Hipp gives the Fantastic Four’s Thing a different new look with real potential for future comic book stories.

The The Fantastic Four thing is usually depicted as a grumpy, unpleasant wraith, but that idea has been done to death, and now a new and aesthetically cool fan art taps into a rarely seen side of Benjamin Grimm. Done in Dan Hipp’s signature style, this more boyish Thing isn’t so much a straight man as he is a good-natured kid from Yancy Street.

Ben Grimm is many things to his friends and allies in the Marvel Universe: astronaut, test pilot, hero, teammate, and curmudgeon. He was first transformed into the Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing when he ventured into space with his best friend and scientist, Reed Richards where he was bombarded with cosmic rays that gave him his stony, tough exterior. . This accident cost him almost everything, his career, his girlfriend, and his ability to walk the streets like a normal person, and because of that the once rude and fierce hero found himself which further slide into depression and hopelessness. However, Ben has learned to embrace his new personality over the years. touching moments, and he never gives up. to those he truly cares about.


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On their Twitter account, artist Hip She shares her vision with the Thing, who in this portrayal is just a cold cutie who loves comfy knitwear and tiny kitty cats. The post features Ben dressed for the cold weather in a knitted puffy jacket over a faded graphic shirt. A small kitten was clinging warmly to his rocky chest while his own blue-eyed face had a strangely soft and relaxed expression. As in most of Hipp’s other fan artwork, this piece contains a fun tongue in cheek joke, as Ben is wearing a Man-Thing pin and his mostly-obscured-shirt also depicts DC’s Swamp Thing, both of which are two other popular comics book “stuff,” a lot. like him. The cat wears a collar with a Doctor Doom tag attached to it, and Ben’s own jacket displays the iconic FF symbol, with three stars representing the importance of his three other teammates.

Dan Hipp is an artist and cartoonist known for his animation style and his work on Teen Titans GO! In addition, they’ve done various variant cover work for Marvel and DC, including designing Shazam’s most knitted costume, and they’ve offered their unique style in entertaining fanart posts for characters like Moon Knight and Ghostrider. Hipp usually brings out the softer side of the heroes and villains that the usually hot-blooded Benjamin Grimm does, and it’s a look that Marvel should pay attention to.

Instead of always playing the sulks-a-lot straight man to Johnny Storm’s antics and antics, it’s refreshing to see Ben Grimm in a solo series exploring the side he usually keeps to himself. Some might consider this a risky move, but he’s one of Marvel’s deepest heroes, and fans deserve to see that there’s more to thing than being the most depressed and angriest man of Fantastic Four.

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