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Phase 6 of the MCU will include Marvel’s big Fantastic Four reboot — a movie fans have been waiting for since Disney acquired Fox. More than two years before the film’s premiere, the cast playing the members of the Fantastic Four team continues to be a mystery. Marvel isn’t ready to make any announcements yet, but a new set of rumors mentions some surprise characters that Fantastic Four fans will surely appreciate. They also shared some details on the actors who might be in the running for the reboot.

Before we look at the new ones Fantastic Four claims, you know that Spoilers may follow below. If you want to be surprised come February 14, 2025, you’ll want to avoid the Fantastic Four gossip below.

Fantastic Four we only have rumors

Marvel confirmed the Fantastic Four reboot at Comic-Con 2019. But the studio hasn’t had much else to say about the Fantastic Four since then. We only know the movie’s release date (February 14th, 2025) and the director’s name (Matt Shakman).

Fantastic Four should head into pre-production sometime in the not-too-distant future, so Marvel is sure to reveal cast details soon. While we wait for them, nothing is missing Fantastic Four rumors. And a leaker that goes by the name MyTimeToShine Hello on social media posted a series of new claims about the reboot.

The leaker has been leaking MCU details for months, posting accurate information in the past. There is no guarantee, however, that the new one Fantastic Four the rumors were right. But that’s the standard disclaimer about most of the MCU spoilers we cover.

John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic in Doctor Strange 2.
John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic in Doctor Strange 2. Image source: Marvel Studios

The surprise Fantastic Four characters

Fantastic Four aside, it’s unclear what story the reboot will deliver. Because of this, we have no idea what characters we will meet in the movie apart from the four superheroes. After all, we’re going to need some antagonists to fight the Fantastic Four.

Doctor Doom is the villain that immediately comes to mind, but we don’t necessarily have to have Doom in this first MCU. Fantastic Four story.

It brings us to something new Fantastic Four rumor, claiming that the Silver Surfer will appear in the reboot. That’s good news for fans of the First Family and the MCU, assuming it’s accurate.

According to MyTimeToShine Hello, the Fantastic Four go into space. That’s where we meet the Silver Surfer. It’s easy to imagine that the Silver Surfer will be an antagonist, at least in the beginning. That’s what Fox did with the character in the first place Fantastic Four.

The same leaker also mentioned that Galactus will not be in the movie. But there will be a hint of this major Marvel character Fantastic Four if these rumors are accurate.

Separately, Alex Perez from Cosmic Circus seems to back up the claim that the Silver Surfer will appear Fantastic Four.

The Fantastic Four cast

Furthermore, MyTimeToShine Hello gave us Marvel’s alleged top choice for Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman. It’s not just rumors about the new Reed Richards that have been captivating fans lately. We’ve also seen a lot of Sue Storm casting rumors for Fantastic Four reboot.

Known for Baby Driver, Godzilla vs. Kongand AmbulanceEiza Gonzalez is supposedly Marvel’s top choice for Sue Storm.

In a separate tweet, the leaker claimed that Penn Badgley was “never considered” for Mr. Fantastic. At one point, Fantastic Four Cast rumors say Badgley is a frontrunner for the role.

John Krasinski fans should also note that the actor offered a more direct answer about his future as Reed Richards. Maybe he played Mr. Fantastic Multiverse of Madnessbut he is said to not be returning as Reed in the main MCU reality.

With all that in mind, we can’t confirm any of this Fantastic Four rumors. Hopefully, Marvel will announce the four actors who will play the movie’s superheroes soon.

It will be interesting to see if Marvel reveals any details about the plot or the actors who will play the villains in the film. Whether Marvel will mention characters like Doctor Doom or the Silver Surfer in its upcoming announcements or keep such reveals for the actual movie.


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