Fat Joe: Rappers Are ‘Endangered Species’ Talking About PnB Rock | Popgen Tech


In an appearance on Charlamagne’s show Hell of a WeekFat Joe described rappers as an “endangered species” after the death of PnB Rock.

“The young brother was supporting Black businesses going to Roscoe’s Chicken with his wife and child, so we get all these deflections of, ‘Oh but his wife put the chicken. Oh he’s not supposed to wear jewelry.’ How about we’re not supposed to kill each other?” he said. Charlamagne said he agreed, but unfortunately that’s not the reality of it.

“We shouldn’t kill each other, and then what should happen is… I used to blame people, I used to rob people,” he continued. “I’m not against him stealing. Catch him, steal him. Why should you kill him? … And this is what bothers me. … Not only do they destroy that family but what about the other families that are staying at Roscoe’s and they see someone blow their brains out in front of them. It destroys the whole village with one shot.”

As can be heard in the second clip, which can be seen below, he declared the rappers “an endangered species.” Many of them are not only facing the threat of violence in the community, but also from the authorities. “We are welcomed by the police, affected by the federations. And we get hit by ours for being in our hood trying to show love,” he continued. “It’s so dangerous to be a rapper these days, it’s the hardest job out there right now. Because whether they get you out or not, they try to put you in prison or your own people try to kill you.”

PnB Rock was fatally shot during a robbery at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles on Monday, September 12th. Nicki Minaj faced criticism after criticizing PnB Rock’s girlfriend, who posted the rapper’s post on Instagram before the shooting. She dismissed the criticism and suggested that artists are seen as “prey” within a “world full of predators.”


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