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The killing of Philadelphia-bred rapper PnB Rock has rocked the hip-hop world, and veteran Fat Joe is weighing in on the rapper’s untimely death.

Joe shared his thoughts on the recent death of the 30-year-old while appearing on Hell of a Week With Charlamagne Tha God on September 15th.

He expressed that he saw no problem with the rapper being robbed, but felt that it was not necessary for the thief to take his life.

“The young brother was supporting Black businesses going to Roscoe’s Chicken with his wife and child,” he said. “And then we get all these deflections of, ‘Oh, but his wife put the chicken.’ “Oh, he’s not supposed to wear jewelry.” How are we not supposed to kill each other,” he said.

He added that back in the day, he was that thief going after people.

“I used to blame people,” he said. “I used to rob people. I’m being honest. I’m not trying to front for you. I’m not against stealing it. Catch them, steal them. Why do you want to kill him? And that’s what bothers me.”

Joe, also known by his alias Joey Crack, noted that the death of the rapper does not only affect his family, but also those who were at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles where he was killed.

“What about the other families who are sitting at Roscoe’s and watching someone blow their brains out in front of them?” he asked. “You destroyed an entire village with one shot.”

The 52-year-old said he believes PnB Rock’s killer should have done his due diligence before the murder. Fat Joe also went on to question why the occurrence of murder has become so acceptable.

“My thing is when you go to LA, they got a rule called ‘check in’ or something, right?” he asked. “Why don’t the ‘check-ins’ check out ahead of time? You know, when you go to your hotel, the key is already ready? Why don’t the OGs tell them, ‘Hey, rob them, don’t kill them.’ And why do they hate us? Why are we not happy that people who come from where we came from are successful? Why do we have to kill them?”

When news broke online that PnB Rock had been killed, Joe shared a post on Instagram showing his respect for the rapper and sharing his condolences.

“Let’s protect the real fathers RIP @pnbrock,” he wrote.

As Blavity previously reported, PnB Rock was pronounced dead at 1:59 pm PST on Monday, September 12th.

According to XXL, the police do not have any suspects in custody. They are reportedly looking into whether a post on Instagram mentioning the location of the 30-year-old man could have led to his death. The authorities also asked the pawn shops in the area to be on the lookout for jewelery stolen from the rapper.


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