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The X-Men have disasters to deal with around the world every day and Firestar takes center stage in this X-Men Annual issue!

  • X-Men Annual #1

    X-Men Annual 2022

    Steve Fox

    Andrea Di Vito

    VC’s Clayton Cowles

    Cover Artist:
    Stefano Caselli, Federico Blee



    Release Date:

    Sebastian Cheng

During the Krakoan era, the X-Men’s roster rotates each year with a psychic vote held among the mutant population in Krakoa. The current iteration of the team, consisting of Jean Grey, Synch, Iceman, Havok, Cyclops, Magik, Forge, and Firestar, is still relatively new. Firestar has spent his life as an Avenger and X-Man, embracing his mutant heritage and his superhero identity. With his relationship with both humans and mutantkind, Firestar could be the bridge that Krakoa needs. In X-Men Annual 2022, written by Steve Foxe with art by Andrea Di Vito, colors by Sebastian Cheng, letters by Clayton Cowles, and design by Tom Muller and Jay Bowen, readers get a glimpse into the day-to-day operations of the X-Men.

This annual follows the X-Men as they break up into smaller units to deal with situations around the world. Cyclops and Firestar head to a hospital in Florida to investigate a drug shortage. The situation escalates as the villain, Whirlwind, who has a history of feuding with Firestar, sets out to destroy the hospital.

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X-Men Annual 2022 #1 preview page 1

The Firestar isn’t exactly a staple X-Men character, many readers may not be familiar with him. This issue introduces him to a wider audience. Foxe does a wonderful job giving Firestar a strong voice while giving new fans a sense of her history. He also creates an entertaining story that serves as a reminder of how to have fun X-Men can be comic. Readers will gain a clear understanding of who Firestar is and his place in Krakoa while also seeing a fun issue of the X-Men working effectively as a team.

Di Vito discusses art admirably. There are a ton of different locales on display as the X-Men travel the world, and each space is fully realized and unique. The action is explosive and dynamic, using different team powers and also using compelling panel layouts from page to page. Firestar is a major highlight of the issue, drawn with beauty, ferocity, and strength in many scenes. This issue covers a wide range of tones, from action to comedy and even brief horror, and the art conveys it all perfectly.

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X-Men Annual 2022 #1 preview page 2

Cheng’s colors accentuate and elevate the art beautifully on every page. Every shade is rendered well, and the highlights pop off the page. Cheng’s bright palette is sure to catch readers’ eyes and invite them to appreciate the art. Cowles is also very well written. Text balloons and narration boxes are placed effectively, and some words are given a different font size or style for added emphasis. Sound effects add another layer to the action at intense moments. Muller and Bowen’s design work is used on several attractive data pages that deliver relevant story information.

All in all, X-Men Annual 2022 is an incredibly enjoyable one-shot. It’s fun to see what the day-to-day lives of the X-Men are like, and Firestar shines at the center of this issue. While it doesn’t touch on the plot of the ongoing title, this issue is a welcome break from regularly scheduled programming. In X-Men Annual 2022, Foxe and the rest of the creative team deliver an exciting, character-driven issue that hits so many high notes.


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