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BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) – With every size, every option and every color on the rack.

“Now remember about the shoes, we choose the right shoes,” said David Lee, the founder of the company St. Brian Clothiers. “So we think burgundy right?”

Suit Up for the Holidays’ first free menswear giveaway had everything you need to feel as good on the inside as you do on the outside.

“It makes you feel like a completely different person,” said Lamon Follmore, a Buffalo man wearing the new suit. “It makes you feel part of something. You feel like somebody.”

Lee said the idea first came to him when he saw the need to help men who attended a funeral after the tragedy in Tops on May 14.

“It’s a continuation of that giving back and serving the men in our community and making sure they have a suit for their daughters’ graduation or a highlight in their lives,” Lee said.

Cooperation between the company St. Brian Clothiers, the Latino Heritage Council, Colvin Cleaners and the Buffalo Black Billion aimed to help the community dress for success.

“Making sure you know if they’re going for that interview, if it’s an interview, or going to church, or just having a good time,” said Michael Norwood, Buffalo Black Billion. “Men want to look their best.”

“I mean a young man who just left with a tie, an H&M suit, a new Ralph Lauren shirt with a tag and Stacey Adams shoes, straight up for free,” Lee said.

However, many who came into the Rev. Dr. Bennett Smith Center for Family Life said they got more than just new clothes.

“There are so many negative things going on in the world right now,” said 19-year-old Norman McCarter. “So to be able to get away and have an event like this where we can come together, I think it’s really wonderful and I think it keeps us busy.”

“If we can get a chance to just go one-on-one with a person and catch them before they slip, that’s our goal for us,” Lee said.

“I feel blessed,” Vollmar said. “I feel great. I am surrounded by my brothers in the church, encouragement, happiness, love, respect. It’s the best you can have.’

The giveaway will be open again on Monday, December 19th from 12:00pm to 6:00pm.


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