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Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, appeared in Marvel Snap as an Ultra Rare card found in the elusive Pool 5 group, featuring a destructive ability suited to an intergalactic destroyer that gives players the opportunity to build exciting deck compositions and strategies. Costing 6 Energy to play and sporting 3 Base Power, Galactus has an On Reveal Ability that activates when he is the only card in one Location that completely destroys the other two Locations. Removing every card played in those other areas, Galactus immediately turns the tables, creating one last gambit for players to steal the game by fraudulent placement.


The basic idea around Galactus carries a lot of risk, as players usually throw their eggs in one basket at a single Location, but making Galactus cheaper in Energy, having cards gives more Energy expended while rotating, disrupting the Power of opponents in Galactus’ location , and using an alternative anchor are strategies that alleviate the pitfall of trying to play Galactus on the last turn without any support in his Location. In addition, characters such as Psychlocke, Electro, Mr. Negative, Sera, wave, Spider-Man, Green elf, hobgoblin, and even higher cost cards like Death and The Infinaut all contribute to supporting Galactus after he is played, making him one of the best cards Marvel Snap if used correctly.

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Have More Energy to Spend on Electro and Psylocke

Marvel Snap Electro and Psylocke Cards next to Space Background Assigned Energy Cost and Power Value

While some Locations can reduce card costs and give players more Energy to spend, most of the time, the biggest struggle comes from not having enough Energy to execute a plan. For example, Electro, a 3 Energy 2 Power card, has an On Reveal effect that gives players +1 maximum Energy but only allows them to play one card per turn. When players run Galactus in their decks, it doesn’t cause any issues. The main objective involves playing that card alone, preferably before the last turn of the game, where it becomes impossible to give Galactus’ Location any additional power before the end of the match.

If players use Galactus in one of the Marvel SnapWith many Locations lowering Power, it’s more important to have more cards to play with extra Energy. For example, 2 Energy 1 Power Psychlocke the player is given +1 Energy on the next turn due to the On Reveal ability activating. Players with Galactus may need this Energy boost to have more room against counters that their opponent may unleash towards the final turns of the match. While other cards, incl Daredevil, help players when anticipating their opponent’s next move, having more Energy guarantees more options than what is initially available.

Make Galactus Cheaper with Mr. Negative, Sera, and Wave

Marvel Snap Mr.  Negative, Sera, and Wave Cards with Space Background and Energy/Power Values ​​Shown

As mentioned before, playing Galactus on the last turn does not give players the best chance to win the last Location and level up quickly in Marvel Snap. Inducing Galactus’ ability before the sixth round can be done with cards like Mr. Negative, a 4 Energy -1 Power character that changes the Energy and Power of all cards in the player’s deck On Reveal, potentially turning Galactus into a 3 Energy 6 Power. Therefore, players can play Galactus in a preferred unoccupied Location earlier than usual, thus setting up their endgame through impending destruction.

Sera and wavethat 5 Energy 5 Power and 3 Energy 3 Power cards, respectively, contribute to this plan by adjusting the Energy values ​​of the player’s cards. wave perhaps has a more universal ability, changing the value of both players’ cards in their hands to 4 Energy exactly the next turn after its On Reveal effect takes place. In addition, Sera has a Continuous effect that reduces the Energy value of cards in hand by 1, allowing more cards to enter Marvel Snap to play Combined, Wave and Sera could theoretically turn Galactus into a 4 or 5 Energy cost card, allowing players to control their Power in the Location that hosts the cosmic entity.

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Confuse the Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, and Spider-Man Enemy

Marvel Snap Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin Card with Space Background and Energy Cost/Power Value shown

A great challenge to On Reveal cards comes from enemy players relying on relying on those effects and playing cards like Cosmo to counter them. Players who want to use Galactus properly should consider adding Spider-Man on their deck. This 4 Energy 3 Power card prevents the opponent from playing cards in the same Location next turn. If this trait can be activated on turn 5, the opponent cannot play cards in the last Location after Galactus has removed the other two. Players who prepare accordingly when building a deck Marvel Snap because this combo has a high probability of stealing cubes at the last moment, which can be very satisfying.

In the same vein, Hobgoblin and Green elf share the same On Reveal ability with 5 Energy -8 Power and 3 Energy -3 Power cards traveling to their opponent’s side of the Location to reduce their Power total. Despite being a bit tricky to set up, and sometimes even damaging the player if their opponent fills their side of the Location before the Goblin’s ability triggers, the two’s disruptive strength. Hobgoblin and Green elf ushered in Galactus with more intent. In some cases, one of these two cards can be the fourth and final character for the Location, preventing players from completing a strategy with anchors like America Chavez or Apocalypse in Marvel Snap.

Have an Alternate Anchor with Galactus

galactus marvel snap

Unfortunately, Galactus’ lack of Power doesn’t guarantee victory in the final Location, encouraging players to have a backup anchor in case they play Galactus earlier through the effects of the previously mentioned cards. Death, a 6 Energy 12 Power card, certainly fulfills this role, as he costs less than 1 Energy for each card destroyed during the game. Since Galactus destroys every card in the other two Locations from where he is played, Death can easily cost 0 Energy on the last turn, giving players an immediate opportunity to gain a large amount of Power. Combined with hand destruction cards in Marvel Snapjust like Killmonger, Killingo DeathlockDeath benefits the planned clear players to summarize.

Other brilliant anchors that players can hit are The Infinaut, a 6 Energy 20 Power card that can only be played if no other cards were placed in the previous turn. Sporting the highest base Power of any card in Marvel SnapInfinaut pairs well with Galactus and with 1 Energy 1 Power Sunspotwhich converts unused Energy each turn into additional Power. America Chavez and his 6 Energy 9 Power traits are always drawn by the player on the last turn, giving support to Galactus similarly. Players who want to use the right cards and strategies in Galactus need to be prepared for the conditions that the card creates, which implements an unusual situation in Marvel Snap with one of the most striking abilities in the game.

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