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Annually published data from Litra, a Swiss public transport information portal, has revealed how Germany compares with its European neighbors when it comes to love of train travel.

Germany ranks fifth in Europe for train travel frequency

Litra, a Swiss organization that collects data on public transport systems in Switzerland, has published new figures revealing which countries in Europe were hit hardest by train travel in 2021. Every year, Litra publishes data from the previous year.

According to the organization, people in Germany took an average of 21 trips by train during 2021, with each person traveling an average of 691 kilometers. This is slightly less than in 2020, when each person took an average of 22 trips. The number of people traveling on long-distance trains in Germany has fallen significantly since the coronavirus pandemic – in 2019 the German average was 35 trips per year – but it will be interesting to see how Germany’s €9 ticket, which is a great success was this summer, shape next year’s data.

Switzerland defends its train-loving title

Every year Switzerland puts its European neighbors to shame when it comes to train use, and 2021 was no exception. The Swiss traveled an average of 1,628 kilometers per train in 2021 and made 48 trips per person. France came only second to the alpine nation in terms of kilometers traveled per person (1,118 km), but unsuspecting Luxembourg managed to take second in terms of average number of trips per inhabitant, with 26. Austria moved into third in both categories. , with an average of 24 trips and 933 km per person.

Countries in the eastern parts of continental Europe dominated the lower end of the scale, namely Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania and Greece. In both categories, Lithuania and Greece ranked 26th and 27th respectively. During 2021, people in Greece took an average of one train journey per person and traveled only 62 km. Across Europe, people took an average of 13 train journeys in 2021.

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