Go Behind the Scenes With ‘Loki: The Official Marvel Studios Collector Edition’ | Popgen Tech


Hiddleston vividly remembers the strange moment when he discovered his synergy with Wilson. “We were shooting in the middle of the night in late February, in a quarry, somewhere in Georgia,” he recalls. “It’s really, really cold and I’m in a costume, I’m just in shirtsleeves, bare arms. And I realize that during the takes I’m standing up, and I’m going to start shaking. And there’s this huge hill that the trucks are going down. And to keep myself warm, I decided to climb this hill at intervals so as not to shiver.” Suddenly, during one of these runs, Hiddleston saw Owen Wilson surreptitiously running to his left, also busy running, “And without saying he would do it, without noticing, without making a comment.”

“I don’t know where Tom was going,” Wilson remembers, “But it’s like you see somebody, like a kid in your neighborhood throwing a ball against the wall and thinking, ‘That looks like fun.’ I saw him running up this hill, and I said to myself, ‘I’m going too.’” According to Hiddleston, “That’s when I knew we had him. That’s when I found out he was locked.”


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